Saturday, October 1, 2011

I have FINALLY arrived in a NEW DECADE!!!!!

Good evening to all my "peeps"!

Hope your week went well. Mine did and I am pleased as punch to tell you all that I have FINALLY OFFICIALLY arrived in the 170s according to WW scale as of today Oct 1st!!!!!! I feel like I have been fighting to get into this decade but my weight on my scale this morning (no clothing) was 178.5 and on WW scale (w/ clothing) I weighed in at 179.8. It was kinda funny because all the staff were huddled around my computer this morning because they know how hard I have been trying and what a struggle it has been to break through this LONG plateau in the 180s. I will tell you girls though, I will NEVER revisit my old weight again!! I had my friend Melissa take some new pics of me today and I can most definitely tell a difference, especially in my face, legs & belly areas. For some reason, the computer distorts my photos a bit & they look worse than they are because when I print them out, they look normal & much better. Not sure why that is, but I will post the new pics for you all to see.

As we embark on a new month and are getting very close to the start of the holidays and then the end of this year, I have been reflecting on where I have been this year and how proud I am of myself for sticking to this plan for over 9 months. Only when we "hang in there for the win" do we get to reap the rewards of our perseverance & hard work. In years past, I have never had the patience to hang in there for the win. I wanted the weight off "now" and it was never fast enough for my liking, so I would just quit after losing about 10# (or less)and then found myself gaining all of it back & then some & before I knew it, I was staring at a number on my scale that brought me to tears....218.5!! Dear Lord, I will never forget that day! It was last March 2010. I can remember asking myself "how did you allow this to happen to yourself?" I lost about 5# then decided to get serious last December and although it has had its ups & downs, it has been worth it!! It has become a NON NEGOTIABLE area of my life and I am bound and determined to finish this through this time!!! Period!!!

So even though I fell a little short of my Sept goal of losing 5# ( I lost 3.4# in Sept) a new month is here and once again, my goal for the month is to lose 5 more pounds. I'm just gonna continue to do my best & keep plugging away!

After I stepped off the scale this morning at WW, I said to myself now I am only 10# away from being in the 160s! the 160s!!!! I haven't seen those numbers since 1993!!! My BMI also changed today. I went from being OBESE to being OVERWEIGHT. My BMI is 29.8 now. Pretty exciting considering that it was 36 when I started this journey.

So that's my "thoughts du Sherri" today. Thanks for listening to me babble. Sorry I wasn't on the blogs much this week. I worked every day since Monday and man was I exhausted when I got home. I found myself crawling into bed at 9:30 pretty much every night.

Wishing you all a great start to this brand new month!!! Its a new beginning !!!

                                              This is me at about 218.5#....YIKES!!!!
                                                     Oct 1, 2011    179.8#   Down 38.7#


  1. Sherri, I am so proud of you!! I know it is hard to keep going sometimes, but you never gave up. You will pass me in no time.
    Your pictures look so great!!
    Now don't get relaxed, keep it up!!
    Have a great weekend. :-)

  2. OMG!!! I am so excited for you! You are beautiful in both pictures, but I am sure you feel better in the second set.
    Pretty darned exciting! Obviously weight watchers is working for you. I really believe that the blogging helps too. It keeps us accountable. Maybe we should make ourselves a facebook page:)
    Great, great, great news!!!

  3. Whoo Hooo Sherri!!!! I am so happy for you I know how badly you have wanted to be in the 170's. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  4. You are doing awesome!!! Great job!!! I like your 5 pounds at a time plan. It's go good to have manageable goals. Way to go moving categories, too ! That is huge!

  5. Yay Sherri! That is great news. I think you look great and you can really see the difference between the two photos. I am so happy for you. Good work girlfriend!! Extra hugs to you today! XOXO

  6. You are doing awesome! Yea for being in the overweight category! I can't wait till I'm there...I think I'm still obese. I love the 5 lb. weight goals. I try to do that, but don't set a timeline...I love the monthly goal. You should do something really nice & non-food related for yourself. Keep it up. You'll get there.

  7. You mean there is hope that the scale will move???! That is awesome!! You are on the move again! Your pictures are so good! There is a huge difference between the before and after. I need to find some before pictures to post on my blog. I'm so happy that you are in the 170's, the 160's will be here in no time!

  8. thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog today! have a great weekend!