Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good morning!

Good Morning to all my dear friends!

I was excited to see that I have 40 followers now...yay! Guess I better start writing more often and share some inspiring stuff now.

Life has been good but so busy & I just feel exhausted these days! I've been so tired lately & not sure why. Perhaps the fact that its getting dark earlier could be factoring into the equation. My WW leader Pam suggested a product that she uses (and sells) called "greens". It is from the "It Works" product line and it is the nutritional equivalent of 8 servings of fruits & vegetables. She said it has really helped her in the energy dept. I read the ingredients & there is nothing in it that would interfere with what I currently take medication wise,  it looks like all natural ingredients, so I decided to give it a try. Pam is like the energizer bunny & will work a full day as a teacher, then either teaches a WW class in the evening or goes to jazzercise. I want that kind of energy....I'm only 45 & shes 58. You add this powder to a bottle of water or to any drink of your choice & use it 2x day. I will keep you posted on how I feel. My order is on its way & I am anxious to start taking it. Not sure if it has any sugar in it for my BFC buddies, but I can check on that too if you are interested in knowing.

I am feeling really great lately & I think its because of the almost 42# that are gone from my body. It is amazing to me how much better I feel about myself. I LOVE the fact that I no longer have to wear anything from the Women's Dept and I no longer have a "W" after my size. Its a good feeling to go clothes shopping and I cant wait until I will be sporting a size 12...and then a 10, and maybe, just maybe even an 8!!! Its really a stretch to think of being in an 8 but Rosalie & Amber did it so why cant I??? My ultimate goal was 150 but I think I want to go a bit lower than that. Right now, I am focused on 150 and when I get there, I plan to evaluate where I am size wise & go from there. 150 is the upper end of my goal weight & I would like to have some wiggle room. I was talking with my hubby last night & we were discussing my upcoming surgery next fall to have my scar removed/tummy tuck. He said he supports me 100% in whatever I decide to do. I told him I want to know what it feels like to live in a thin body because I have never known that feeling. I think that's why I don't want to stop at 150. I'm short, only about 5'4 1/2" so I don't have height on my side. It will be interesting to see what I look like when I lose these next 27#.

Yesterday at work, one of my co workers brought in these heavenly cookies that she makes. They are almond flavored with a raspberry jam in the center & a glaze drizzled on top. There was one left & she asked me if I wanted it...I told her no thanks. She made the comment that I have great will power. I told her that losing weight is more important to me than that cookie. That is a change in thinking for me & it has taken me a long time to get to this point in my life because before, I would have eaten it without thinking about it whether I was on a diet or not. Progress, for sure!

Well girls, I'm done rambling. Thanks for listening!

((Hugs)) to all!!


  1. Great job on the cookie/mindset change! That is a huge corner to turn in the dieting mindset! I think that kind of thinking is going to allow you to make huge changes with your body! I am excited for your surgery - I imagine that making a change like that to your body will feel so wonderful and empowering. I am 5 4, so I think it's reasonable to evaluate 150 once you get there. My ww lifetime goal was 140 and I passed that a while ago, once I decided I didn't want to live on the edge of healthy (that was the top for my height.) You may feel that way once you get there, too.

  2. You are doing so good! I am barely 5'3.5, that .5 is important! You will know when you have lost enough for you. All of us carry our weight differently. You will lose several lbs from having your surgery too.
    42 lbs is amazing and I am so happy for you! Sometimes that compliment from your co worker is so much better than the cookie would have tasted!
    I'm sorry that you have been so tired, I think it is the change of season too. My friend uses that green stuff. If it's healthy, it is sure worth a try. Do you take Vitamin D? That totally changed my life!
    Have a great week and I do wish you would blog more:)

  3. I am 5'4" and the 5.5 lbs Ive lost in Oct really does make a big difference. This is when I lose off my hips and thighs (finally!). And you are totally right - you CAN do this, you ARE doing this! w00t Sherri!

  4. Boy all you gals are shorties. I am almost 5'7" so the 150 is awesome for me but I don' want to be smaller than 145. I don't ever want someone to say that I look too thin.
    I looked up the greens and it does not say about the sugar but it says orange flavored so it has to be sweetened with something right?
    I can't wait to hear how you surgery goes. I am excited for you.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. I hope the greens work for you. I use to work at a chiropractic office that carried something similar and I tried it but did not really give it much of a chance. I am sure most of us never get enough of our fruits and veggies in. Great job on passing up that cookie I know how easy it is to eat just one or 2 without giving it a second thought.

  6. Great job on resisting the cookie. Don't you love this person you're becoming. I bet you're proud of yourself for resisting and flexing that discipline muscle. 42#!!!! That's so awesome...that's a preschooler! I'm 5'3" and a few years ago I was down to 151 at my lowest and I was a size 12. Being short doesn't allow many place for the fat to go, LOL. 150 is a great goal. I'm sure you'll get there and can adjust from there if needed. Thanks for the awesome comment on my blog. Have a great weekend.

  7. We're doing it Sherri-my 1st goal is 150 too. I have 25 lbs. to make it to that goal, so we're the same height, and about the same weight.
    It's been so long since I've seen 150-I'm not sure what that looks like? I figure out the best weight once I reach that goal.
    Good job on resisting that cookie. We get stronger every time we do that.

  8. What will power Sherri!Good for you. I hope I would do the same thing regarding that cookie, but not sure. You are in a good place mentally and that makes all the difference. I hope your new supplement works for you. Have you had your thyroid checked? Extreme fatigue was my number one symptom. I also have nodules and need to have them watched, but once I started the synthroid, I felt like a new person. The weight didn't change, but the fatigue went away. Hugs to you from me!

  9. THanks for all the comments girls! IN response to Kay & Pattie, yes I have ahd my thyroid checked. I have been on synthroid for 23 yrs & get it checked yearly & all was good in July w/ bloodwork. And yes, I do take vitamin D3 daily...6ooo units. I think its just the earlier darkness outside & the fall. I slept great last night & feel pretty good today. Thanks for all your great feedback girls. You are great peeps! :)