Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nov 5, 2011~ Weigh in Day!

Hello friends!

Sorry to not have blogged in such a long time again. I tell you, my life feels like its just way too busy & when I get home, I am exhausted! I am an RN in the Recovery Room at an ambulatory surgery center & I LOVE my job but it is very physically demanding & at the end of an 8 hr day, I'm whooped! I worked in the Pre- Op unit yesterday (Fri) & can I just tell you, it was chaos!!! OMG!! No sitting down whatsoever & super busy! I did get to leave at 2:45 instead of 3:30pm which was a bonus but I went home & collapsed & my feet were in misery. (sigh) I'm not a "young pup" anymore .

I don't think that I have posted in over a week (I know, I know, I'm sorry!!!) & last Sat at weigh in I had a small gain of .6. It wasn't justified as I had a great week & I even exercised. The best part was, I didn't get mad or discouraged. I just took the "hit" & moved forward & I am happy to report that this week, I lost 1.4# & am at my lowest weight yet of 176.6!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 26.4# away from goal!!!! Can you believe it???!! I am so excited to see that there is a pot of gold waiting for me at the end of the rainbow! My size 14 Levis that I bought at a consignment store a couple of weeks ago are getting looser on me and I cant wait to go out & buy a pr of size 12s. Now THAT girls is gonna be a day when I will be doing the "happy dance"! My sister got back from France on Tues of this week & she LOST 3.8#!!!! Isn't that awesome?! She is in a new decade of weight & she is looking so good! I am so proud of her & so excited for her too. I think it really gave her the boost she needed to get started losing again. She said they did very little snacking between meals & did alot of walking. She said the people in France are thin & they don't eat junk food. I think that all the processed food we have access to in the states is one of the biggest problems that America has. All that crap not only makes us feel like crap but it makes us look like crap! Good things in = good things out! I am going to try to eat more whole foods this week & exercise more & see what happens. I have given mys sister almost all of my 1x clothes that don't fit and I just gave her a leather coat that is too big for me to wear now. I had a smaller leather that I bought (on sale)  but was never able to wear because it was too tight but now, it fits like a glove! I feel so wonderful! Anybody who says they are happy being fat is a BIG FAT LIAR because there is NO BETTER FEELING than the feeling of losing weight. We took a 2 1/2 mile walk at the local High school track tonite as it was a sunny beautiful crisp fall day,. Tomorrow is supposed to be just as nice & even warmer so I plan to walk some more. Rose is going to jazzercise at 7:30 am. We have church at 10am & I just wouldn't have the time to shower & be ready in time so I am not going.

I ordered the Natures Hollow preserves in Raspberry & Mountain Berry as well as some of the coconut flour too. I cant wait til they arrive, especially the jam.

Well, that's all that's been happening with me. I am going to try to catch up with the blogs over the weekend to get myself back in the loop.

Miss you all & hope you are having a great skinny day!!!!

Hugs to all~


  1. Hey Sherri! Glad to hear you are still doing well. I am in a bit of a slump, but trying my best to get out of it. Hope you have a great day tomorrow!

  2. HI Sheri, Wow you have long days, but you have done so well considering. Great job on the loss and I know you will be in those 12's in no time at all.
    Try to have a relaxing day tomorrow. :-)

  3. Sherri I don't think you have to apoligize for not blogging very often, it seems you check in around once a week and there is nothing wrong with that. I also work in an outpatient surgery center as an aide so I know what you mean about being super busy.

    Congrats on your loss and your new low weight :) You are a rock star. I bought blueberry natures hollow this week and it is delish, I have tried the raspberry and it is also very good please let us know what you think of the mountain berry. Keep up all the good work you are doing awesome :)

  4. Sherri, I can relate not being able to blog all the time. It is hard when you work full time and run a household. I am so proud of you and you will be in those 12's in no time. I am just in a slump and need to kick myself in the behind. Still taking meds that seem to bloat me a bit but I need to get back into more excuses right? Happy weekend my friend.

  5. WAY TO GO GIRL! As I was reading your post, I thought to myself, I bet she will lose more the next week, and then I read that you did. If you had let it get you down, then you would have eaten and gained. It often seems that the weight loss or gain is about a week behind our actions, doesn't it? I am proud of you, fellow RN. My husband does most of his work at a surgery center, so I am always talking to the scheduling nurse over there. They keep that place running! It's hard to stay in touch when we are all busy, but I am glad to hear from you whenever you blog. And a special thank you for the kind, motivating words you wrote on my post. I needed to hear that, and I saved your comment in a folder in my windows mail, so I can look back on it when I need a boast! Big hugs and kisses to you Sherri, from me!

  6. My hat is off to you Sherri!! I really admire those of you that work in the health professions! What would we do without all of you!! Seriously!! That is so great that your weight is going down and your sizes too!! You must have worked out the formula that works best for you! I know what you mean about getting into skinner jeans and away from the 1x shirts (that's what I used to wear)!! It is such a motivator just to NOT shop in the plus sizes anymore!