Saturday, November 26, 2011

It was UGLY!!! My weekly weigh in.

Good evening fellow peeps!

Well, today was the day to face the music at the scale and it was ugly to say the least but thank goodness it is over & behind me now. I am up 3.6#, actually wasn't as bad as I had predicted because I was truly expecting about 5# gain. It seems that everyone at my meeting had a gain today so I don't feel so bad. My dad stayed the same & my sister gained 4.8# There was a lady sitting in front of us who gained 12.2# in the last 3 weeks. I think to myself, if I gained back 12+ # I would be so angry at myself but god bless her, she was a trooper & took her lumps too like the rest of us. Its good to know that we are not alone in this journey & having all this support of you all and my WW group I believe has been part of the key to my success. I do think you have to have determination & perseverance too when losing weight because along with the good will come the not so good weeks too & we have to learn to deal with that.

So its a new day, a new week and almost a new month! I love a fresh start & that feeling of wiping the slate clean. So tomorrow, I am going to plan my meals for the week & I bought an awesome new crock pot cookbook that I am going to put to use. I think if I have supper ready when I get home, I wont be so impulsive & start picking. I try to eat a snack on the way home so I'm not ravenous but lately, that hasn't helped much. The recipes in this cookbook look good & its called "Fix it & forget it". My kind of cookin! :)

OK girls, so I want to hear your opinion on this. Today, our regular WW leader Pam was out sick with the flu so we had a different leader, who just so happens to be named Sherry. :) She has lost over 200# with WW & has kept it off for 10 yrs. Pretty impressive & shes a very good WW leader. Today she was asking us what kind of things stress us out over the holidays & asked us to chime in. Well, you all know what I said..."Parties"! So she asked me how I planned to deal with my upcoming holiday parties & I told her that they all fall on Friday nights (day before weigh in) and that I have given up attending many parties in the past because I just want to stay on the straight & narrow but these Christmas parties, I don't want to seem anti social by not attending.To be completely honest. I could care less if I go to any of them or not but as I said, I don't want to be the party pooper so I am going. Anyways, I told her that my plan for this upcoming week is to weigh in on Friday morning & sit in on Saturdays meeting & not weigh in that day. I feel that I can at least go to the party & enjoy myself a bit & not worry what the scale says in the morning. I don't plan to allow myself to throw it all to the wind, but I do want to enjoy a few appetizers & perhaps a libation. She pulled me aside afterward & said that she would suggest NOT weighing in on Friday but to weigh in on Saturday as usual. She said that I will feel better by doing that, but you know what? I really don't think that will make me feel any better! I understand why she said what she did, that I can stay in control at the party, but I feel like I will have less stress on me doing it this way. Do you girls think that I am wrong to do that? Coming off of a week where I gained, I just don't want to chance having another gain. I think it would throw me over the edge. Your feedback girls....what do you think?

Well, that was my day. I did walk with my sister at the track for 3 miles & that felt good. I wish the weather would stay nice so we could continue to walk but I know the inevitable is coming & this week its supposed to get cold again. It was 60 & sunny today. I love a crisp & sunny fall day!

On a fun side note, just have to share this. Its definitely a girl thing. The other day, I was at work and they rolled a pt into the recovery room who had just had general anesthesia. I took him as my pt & as I was starting to hook up all the monitors again, I went to hook up his EKG leads (there are 3 of them, one on the right & left shoulders & the other at the side by the left ribs) and I went to hook up the lead by the ribs & OMG almost fell over because he had the nicest chest & abs I have seen in a long time!!He was  RIPPED!!! He was 46 yrs old but had the body of a 22 yr old! I gotta tell you, I enjoyed every minute taking care of such nice "eye candy"! Nothing dirty or anything like that...just some amazing biceps, abs & chest . I don't get to see that at home & rarely get to see it at work so it was a treat to see. Oh, do I sound bad saying that??? Why, yes, yes I do, don't I?! lol. I do love my job!! :)

Have a great weekend my dear friends!

Hugs to all!


  1. Well 3.6lbs doesn't sound that bad. I think you will have that back off in no time. Planning your meals for the week sounds like a great idea. I know it helps me to sort of know what I'm going to have. I think I don't eat a big enough lunch most days and that's why I sometimes snack between lunch and dinner. About the suggestions from the WW leader. Why don't you try the Saturday weigh in for the very first party. If you feel too much stress or it makes you feel bad about your self, then do the rest of the parties with the weighing in on Fridays.
    Lol, about your patient! Who wouldn't like seeing a nice looking guys with ripped abs! I knew I should have become a nurse!

  2. Planning your meals will definitely help!

    I think you should keep your weigh ins on Saturday, too. You have to plan what you are going to eat at the parties and stick to it. You will still have weekly weight loss if you keep yourself in control. You won't if you don't. This is personal experience talking, and you know it's true. You can enjoy yourself at the parties and stay in your points budget, I know it!

  3. Hi Sherri. Don't fret about your weight being up. It is a temporary thing and it will go down again. It's so hard to see how fast it comes back on and how slow it comes off. It's a new day, new week and almost a new month. I'm kind of glad to get back to a routine. Love having my boys home, but it is very hard to have my routine, eating, sleeping all changed. I need to get back to normal! I think you should just weigh in on Friday, and then go to your meeting on Saturday. It will ease your mind, and it's only one day difference. Your mental state plays a big part in this weight loss and if weighing in a day earlier makes it easier for you then do it. Plus, it you have a loss, it may make your will power stronger for the party. Big hugs to you from me! Keep on keepin' on!!

  4. OK, I would have loved to see that guy! I have to say my husband isn't bad for a 57 year old (Monday, but he is pretty skinny! Neither of my boys had that "ripped" look. I looked all over Hawaii for a guy like that! My hubby is allowed to look at the girls and I get so look at the guys. He had way more to look at.
    I'm afraid I say keep the Saturday weigh in too. In reality it really won't matter because 1 night will not undo everything you have done all week. The first week maybe, but not after that. You will retain water etc, but it will all even out as the weeks progress. You know what will work best for you.
    I don't think your weight gain was huge! I think you have nipped it in the bud and you will move on from here. You haven't quit, given up, thrown in the towel, or quit thinking about what you should do! You will be successful. Baby steps all add up. The leader that lost 200 lbs and kept it off for 10 years??? OMG, that is amazing! She should be very proud.
    I have that "fix it and forget it" cookbook in my cookbook collection! I guess the value is when you use it:)
    Have a good week my friend. You can do this. 1 dang day at a time:)
    FYI, I drink diet soda too. I drink iced tea 90% of the time, but sometimes I just want a diet soda. I like the Zevia Soda, especially the Black Cherry, but it is expensive and it is only 1/2 can before it counts as a carb...I would rather have a different kind of carb!

  5. I think whether or not you weigh in on Friday or Saturday has a lot to do with which weigh-in day will help you to eat better at the parties. Being totally honest with yourself, if you know you will be weighing in on Saturday, will you eat better at the party? You might need that accountability more than the Friday weigh-in because by the end of the month those parties will add up if you are more laxed with your eating, and that will create stress also. So, if the pounds add up anyhow, it ultimately doesn't matter if you weigh-in on Friday or Saturday. For me, I do better with accountability, so I would do the weigh-in following the party so that by the end of the month I would ultimately show a loss for the month, even if it was only 1 lb. I'm afraid that if I were to do it the other way around, by the end of the month I wouldn't show a loss, and might even possibly show a gain, if I was struggling with staying focus. So, you need to honestly ask yourself two things, how focused am I right now (are you feeling weak right now?), and what will help me be the most accountable for overall weight loss by the end of the month/beginning of January? Also, what's your ultimate goal? Do you want to avoid being stressed on the Saturdays of December, or do you want to avoid being less stressed overall during the month of December by maintaining or losing overall by the end of the month?

  6. I do a Monday weigh in to help keep me true over the wkends where so much temptation happens. It really helps! Just buckle down and find your resolve and you can do this!

  7. You're hilarious Sherri-and human! You appreciate beauty that's all.

    As far as when/where you do your weigh have a plan that feels right for you. Others have opinions-some helpful-some not. So do what you think is best for you. If in a week or so it doesn't seem to be working the way you'd like--change it up.
    Take Care-

  8. Stay strove and make realistic goals for the month. You can do it!

  9. As always, you girls give great advice. I think I will probably weigh in on Friday though. I just feel like it will aloow me to enjoy myself more. I always feel stressed on Fridays in preparation for facing the scale on Saturday. Isnt that just crazy/ridiculous?! I know, I am a piece of work that is still "in the works"!
    Love to all

  10. I had a good laugh over your eye candy comment, what kind of surgery center do you work at? I'm glad you were able to enjoy a nice body since most that come through our center are flabby, saggy and on the bigger side.

    Maybe making a pot of the ww free soup would help fill you up and stay away from the things that are your triggers. Try not to be hard on yourself for your gain, try to get a little more exercise in and you will be back in the 170's in no time.

  11. Hi there,
    First lets talk about the elephant in the room - no I mean the hot guy! Hey we got eyes for a reason and you did nothing wrong. I am jealous, I don't get to see that either.
    Don't worry about the extra lbs. But I had my weigh-in every monday. No matter what it said. I think you should go to the parties, but don't eat bad-stay in control. Just a few bites of 2 things that you want. Then do the weigh-in on Saturdays like usual.

    Don't give up!! YOu are doing great! :-)

  12. As I think about it, you're right girls. I need to be a good girl all week & weigh in as usual on Saturday.

  13. Sherri, Man I wish I would have been there to see that guy lol. The last few blogs that I have read I have really needed to hear them. I have gained back like 10 pounds over the last few months and I have got to get a grip. I cant tell you what to do about weighing in on Friday when I know myself I would not do it either. I know in my head that Saturday would be the right day to do it since I know that would keep me on the straight and narrow. Please pray for me to get my butt back in gear. Since my surgery I dont know what in the heck is wrong with me.