Monday, November 14, 2011

Good morning! A quick Monday morning update!

Good morning dear friends!

Well, the open house is over, the house is picked up and clean (yay!) and I am happy to report that my weekend was very successful! I had a great turnout to my open house & I love to see my customers face to face (many times I just drop their orders off at their house as many of them are at work) so its a nice time to catch up with them. I have been so blessed to have such wonderful & loyal customers over the past 11 years & I always do my best to be an informed beauty consultant to provide them with not only the very best products that they can have within 24 hrs but a knowledgeable beauty consultant as well. I know that had I not went with my best friend to that makeover session when I was 21 & learned the basics of good skin care, I would not be aging very well into my 40s. I see alot of women where I work and am astounded sometimes to see many of them my age or younger who are frumpy with gray hair & have not taken care of their skin. Its so important to take good care of your skin, regardless of whether you wear makeup or not. I am all about the "daily maintenance" & am willing to expend the time & effort. Its sad to say but true, people treat you nicer when you are put together. I see it all the time. So OK, didn't mean to get on my "skincare soapbox". Its just something that I am passionate about... helping women to look & feel their very best!

So food wise, well its confession time, not a good weekend with the diet. I don't know what is happening to me lately. I feel like I am just getting lax in my resolve & have been swayed really easily to the dark side of sweets & things I really shouldn't be eating. But today is a new day and I am off to a good start so I am forgiving myself & moving onward. I got on the scale & no damage was done so its all OK.

Well girls, I have lots to do today so I better get off the computer. I have to take my youngest dtr to the orthodontist at 2:30 then off to get pretty at the beauty shop for a cut & color at 6pm. Thank goodness, this hair is getting outta control!!! I love the length now (almost at my shoulders & I can make a small pony tail which I haven't been able to do for over 2 yrs because the back has been shorter than the front for so long) but the hair in the eyes has gotta go!!!! I also need to make an eye appt. I am in extreme denial about my declining eyesight. Its not terrible, just noticeably not as sharp as it used to be. (sigh) Dag nabbit! I'm not a young pup anymore! (heavier sigh!)

Have a wonderful day & week!

Love & Hugs to all


  1. Oh how I wish I could have come over. Or even live close enough to be one of your customers too.
    I too believe that we should take care of our skin, and I think maybe that's why my skin looks younger than some my age.
    Have fun getting your hair done. And don't worry about what you ate at the party, Just worry about today. Have a great day :-)

  2. So glad you had a successful turnout over the weekend! That sounds like a lot of fun! Don't worry too much about a little screw up as long as you get right back into your healthy routine. I know what you mean about the eyes, I've always worn contacts but now I need help with my reading vision!! Thinking about trying bi-focal contacts. Things sure don't get any easier as we age do they?

  3. I didn't really start caring about my skin until I was 40! I used shampoo to remove my eye makeup. I still don't take my make up off at night which makes my skin care friend crazy! I have been blessed by genetics with pretty good skin, but it's a good thing I don't live somewhere warm year round because I think the tan of the sun would make me look REALLY old! As my younger daughter would call me a leather woman.
    What I find fascinating is that the young women my daughters age 25, think nothing of running around everywhere in sweats and no make up, hair in a messy pony tail? I guess they are lucky to not feel the need to look nice? I sometimes wish I could leave my house that way, but it will NEVER happen!
    Today is a new day and you can start fresh, just do it soon than later:)
    I miss all of my buddies that I talked to every day, you are lucky, very lucky to still have a way to keep in touch.
    Enjoy your day getting beautified!
    Hugs, hugs, hugs!!!

  4. Hi Sherri! I'm with you. I try to take good care of my skin and I know I need makeup to look my best, so I don't go out without it. Don't worry about any slip ups. Remember all the good days you had. One or two bad days won't undo that, as long as you get right back on track. Hugs to you from me!

  5. Hey Sherri, I wish I live closer so you could show me the ropes of what I need to use for my skin and how to apply my makeup properly. I went and have a beauty consult at the store one time and I came out looking like a hooker lol. So glad to hear your open house went well. Dont worry about the slip up you are back on track.
    Take care my friend!

  6. Sherri - I never took good care of my skin before, but I guess I was not taking good care of myself at all before. When I lost the weight my face instantly had wrinkles I never had, especially around the eyes :( So Im trying to do better now!

    Also, I hope you will add a link on my Link Party this week! It is at the bottom of today's blog post!