Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday.....

Good morning girls!

 Black word...UGGH!! I am not a Black Friday kind of girl & there really is nothing that would ever drag me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to deal with crowds of rude people just to get something that they have maybe 6 of in stock. No thank you! I think I did Black Friday shopping once in my life & I vowed never again. To all my Black Friday peeps who did go shopping..Kudos to you! I give you all so much credit for being so patient & tolerant. My husband left at 7am this morning to go & buy my Christmas gift. I want a camera from Sam's club but I don't think that's what he is going to buy today. He said he is going to be gone a while. I said how long?? He said 5-6 hrs. I said "You're going to Pittsburgh, aren't you?" He said no. I said "Buffalo?" He said "no, and you are very nosey" (lol...yes I am!) I said "Cleveland"? He said "yes". So I think he is going there to buy me a "Goldendoodle" dog. Our neighbors have one and I gotta tell you, she is the most adorable dog (outside of my handsome boy of course (my dog Toby)) I have ever seen! I want to put her in my car & take her home!! (lol, I wouldn't do that...just sayin) He knows how crazy I am about this dog & he has been itchin for me to give the OK for him to get another dog. This is my prediction. I know my hubby pretty well & I hope he wouldn't be stupid enough to drive to Cleveland to pick up a camera. It would be cheaper to ship it than drive there to get it.

So on to the weight issue. (HEAVY SIGH) I'm still up, about 5# according to my scale. I'm am sick with disgust! I walked for almost 3 miles yesterday with my sister & was in total control of my eating too. I took my food scale & measuring spoons & weighed & measured everything that I put in my mouth & I took no seconds on anything. The food was absolutely scrumptious too! My mom is a fabulous cook & her turkey & stuffing & homemade gravy was  sooo sooo good! It always is! Didn't get chunky eatin carrot sticks & celery growing up. lol. I haven't weighed in at WW for 2 weeks & it has become a slippery slope that I must get off of! I am back on the straight & narrow but the damage is done so I will weigh in tomorrow morning as usual and take my "lumps" & move forward. No sense in wallowing in a pity party over it. I made some poor choices over the past 2 weeks and unfortunately, it has caught up with me. The part that bums me out is that I worked so hard to get into the 170s & now I am back in the 180s....not the high 180s, the low 180s, but still.....(sigh again) Its such a  battle...and one that I am going to have to deal with my entire life. Oh well, it is what it is....I'm done complaining/venting.....I'm moving on. Today is a brand new day and it is sunny & beautiful here in Pennsylvania so I am gonna get a nice 3 mile walk in and track my food intake closely like I was doing before. Back on the wagon......

I hope you all had a nice thanksgiving with your families! I have a wonderful family & am truly blessed! I count each of you among my blessings too so thank you for your support & friendship. It means the world to me!

Hugs to all~


  1. Hang in there Sherri! I am up this week, too, still 4 pounds up from my lowest. It just takes a little bit to mess up all the good progress, and it's depressing, huh! Keep on making your right choices, though, and the weight will come back off! My recommendation would be to make the vanilla cupcakes on my blog, but leave out the chocolate chips. I am excited to see how it turns out with the egg beaters! I am going to work on a lower fat version of the bread in the next week, because I need to cut the calories back. Have a great Friday!

  2. I am heading to the Lego store and Anthropologie to see if we can get a good deal on things we would buy anyways. Not super early, but the husband is really complaining :) I really thought my weight would be down a pound this morning, with all that steamy kitchen work - but no. Maybe tomorrow!

  3. Hi Sherri. Don't worry about your gain. It will come right off. Just get right back on track. You know what to do. I hate it when the scale doesn't show any results for our hard work. But it will, so just keep on keepin' on ( to quote someone I know!!) Big hugs to you from me!

  4. Hi Sherri-Those extra lbs. WILL come off, and we'll all be here to celebrate that with you. I'm not a early morn shopper either, but I do hope you get your little dog. How sweet of your husband to get up early to make sure you have what you want. I'm so close to the 160's, so I know how it feels-keep going...we're getting closer to where we want to be.

  5. Ms. Sherri, I have full Faith and confidence in you that you are going to find your footing, get off the slippery slope, and start running!!! If you are like me, I sabotage myself when I get to a goal and then I start my circle of defeat again. I wish it was easy to wrap your mind around eating to live, not living to eat! Truly, you know with WW that you can have anything as long as you count your points, so have what you want the most! I truly believe that is a key to all of this. By the time we fill up with all the things we think we should have, we've used up the points and then that damn few bites of what we really wanted in the first place, take you over! Trust me...I know you will be successful, you already have been successful! GO:)
    That is exciting about your puppy if it happens! It sounds like you live in a perfect location if all of the places you listed are a 5-6 hour time away from home. He's a good man!
    I am just hearing on Fox news that some woman pepper sprayed other shoppers so that she could get an x box. Can you say CRAZY???
    Have a great day my friend and Peep:P

  6. Update! No puppy...he bought a piece of furniture! Its a console that holds the tv for our entertainment center. Nice gift but I think it was for him & not me. Oh well, he will love the DVR I am gonna buy & give to him (for me!) hahaha!

  7. Sherri, dont worry you will get that weight off it is just a little bump in the road. I am bummed about the puppy...maybe he will still get one for you. I love my little babies and now since my daughter has moved in I am dealing with 3...oh my! I am going to recommit to my weight loss this week too.

  8. Sherri, maybe the puppy will be under the tree on Christmas morning? I know how disappointing it can be to be up a few pounds, but instead of letting it defeat you, you are doing the right thing and getting back to basics. Good for you!! Thank goodness we all have each other to turn to during this upcoming holiday season!