Wednesday, November 30, 2011

32 more days til a NEW YEAR!!!!!

Good morning girls!
Before I get into my post, I want you to know that I have attempted to post comments on your blogs for the past few days but when I go to enter the comment, it says I don't have authorization or something like that to comment...WHAT???!! I have no idea what the heck I have done wrong & when I go to log in to my Google acct, it says I'm already logged in. Not sure what is happening, but if you have any insight or can help me figure out how to post comments, that would be greatly appreciated! I want Pattie & Amber to know that  I got the boot when trying to comment on your blogs but I did read every ones posts since yesterday & when I figure this out I will post. I'm sorry, not a techie here.

So can you believe it??!! This year is almost done! I have to say, 2011 hasn't been too bad of a year for me. 2010, that was a different story!( Probably one of the worst years I have ever had) But I am grateful that in Dec 2010 I got the spark to begin my weight loss journey and although my road has had many detours & bumps along the way, I am so thrilled that when I ring in 2012, I will be 40+ # lighter! I am proud of myself for what I have accomplished and although I am not where I had hoped to be at this time, I am not going to beat myself up. I am going to stand tall & proud of myself as I have "hung in there" and not given up as I have done many many other times. I am grateful for my sister, my WW leader Pam & all of you for always offering great support, concern, wisdom and your "online" friendship. I will end this year feeling a sense of accomplishment  with a very thankful heart!

I am excited to think about the fact that in 2012, I will be at my goal weight! It IS going to happen, there is no doubt in my mind!! I have found that it not only takes hard work & will power to lose weight, but it is a true DESIRE within your heart to make it happen. It is a decision that is made "between the ears" (in your brain) & when you make that commitment to yourself, there is no stopping you!

So as we embark on our final month in the year 2011, lets continue to keep our focus on what we "really" want & stay true to ourselves. I had a moderate gain last week so unfortunately, I am going to have to work hard to get that off again. No more slip ups like that again. Big damage can be done in a small amt of least for me it can. Its a slippery slope unless you catch yourself. I am thankful that I got back on track before I REALLY did some damage!

I wish you all a wonderful day! I am off work today & have a few errands to run & I want to go & look for a new pr of black jeans to wear to my Christmas party on Friday night. The ones that I have just aren't ready to be worn yet, they are just a bit too snug for my liking.

Happy Hump day!!!
Love & Hugs!


  1. It is your browser..IE has interface problems with blogger and has had for a few months. Several of us have switched to Google Chrome and it works just fine. I just went through that same problem last week!! is where you can download it. Good luck!!

  2. Sherri, you should be so proud of what you have accomplished. You have done so great and next year you will reach your goal. And you are right, you really have to have the DESIRE.
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Wow, this was a great year for you Sherri. You lost over 40 lbs and you should be proud. Thanks for all of your words of encouragement. I really rely on my blogger friends for that. Regarding posting, I had that problem once. Make sure you close google and then sign in again. Make sure that you don't have the "keep me signed in" box checked. I can't post when it is checked. I don't have any problems anymore. Hope that works. Hugs to you from me!

  4. Be very proud my friend-40 lbs is an amazing accomplishment! And it will be wonderful to celebrate with you while you reach your goal weight. I like your thinking-I can have the same goal-I hadn't even thought of that!

  5. Sherri, I am so excited for you for your 40 lbs! You will continue on to your goal, I just know you will. We will all be here with you cheering you on.
    I swear this year has just flown by. I can't believe that it is Christmas again...and then a new year to make new goals. If I don't start exercising again, I may be a gainer:( Dang!
    You are such a sweet soul:)

  6. Ive had that too lately! I just reload the blog and try again and it works, but my comment is lost. I am a little anxious for what 2012 holds! Sounds weird but I dont have a plan, and usually I am a woman with a plan! Congrats on the 40 lbs!!!

  7. Congratulations on 40 pounds gone - that is HUGE! I'd try a new browser, too.

  8. Sherri you have so much to be proud of this 40lbs that is awesome. I cant believe this year is almost done. I really need to focus this coming year on getting the rest of my weight off. Thanks for always being a great support to me and all your positive comments. I know we have never met in person but I really do consider you to be a great friend.

  9. Sherri, I think you are doing great on your weight loss! I have ten more pounds to go just to catch up with you!! I hope you find your black jeans for your party. I know you are going to look fabulous!!

  10. Congratulations, Sherri! You are doing great. Just continue doing what you're doing and you'll be down another 40 lbs. next year. :)