Monday, March 25, 2013

Consistently is Good!!!

Hello ladies!

I know I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I would throw in a quick update for you all to let you know how things are going with me on the 17 Day Diet. So far, so good! I finished my first cycle on St. Patrick's Day and was down about 6# for the whole cycle. I went about a week with no losses, then started Cycle 2 and boom, lost about 1#/ day for 3 days straight. So my total is very close to 9# right now. It may seem slow to some, but for me, this is the most I have lost in a year! I feel really good and my clothes & tummy feel better & less puffy. I want to be down a full 10# by Easter & I think its possible. 10# in a month.....crazy!!

My sister is down about 8.5# this month and we are both getting used to eating this way. No fruit or carbs after 2pm while at first was challenging, is becoming habit now and I am getting used to not eating carbs at dinner. I still miss it sometimes though. I wont lie. I joined planet fitness last Friday and have only had the opportunity to go once but its a nice place & they have alot of machines which is great. I'm hoping that will help accelerate my weight loss, but I guess I need to go, huh? lol! Tomorrow after work is my plan. I had a dentist appt today & errands to run, then meeting my sisters for dinner at Ruby Tuesdays (salad bar) and we are taking a mesh wreath making class. I'm not crafty at all so this should be interesting! haha!

Hope you are all doing well. If I don't post again before the 31st, Have a wonderful Easter!



  1. I am sooooo proud of you!!! Sherri is a LOSER:) I wish just having a gym membership worked, but it does have to be used....I found that out the hard way.
    I used to take all kinds of craft classes when the kids were little and then I would leave everything in the trunk of my car! I was that good!!! Way to try new things:)
    I'm so glad to see you posting, it helps all of us!
    Woot, woot!!!

  2. Good job you big loser!! So happy for you. Happy Easter!! XO

  3. Very great job girly. That's what I did - no carbs with dinner right from the beginning to lose. I agree it was hard to get used to. For me it took 2 months to stop being starving all the time LOL.
    Keep it up :-)

  4. I think the 17 day diet is REALLY working out for you! Congrats and have a great Easter!

  5. Way to go on your weight loss - Keep it up!

    Making crafts makes me happy - don't know why I don't do them more often. Took an online art class last year with my kids and it was awesome (that was the last year I homeschooled all 5 so we made it a super fun year)! You've inspired me to get 'crafty' again. Make sure to post some pics of your finished project(s). :)

  6. great job! Glad you are enjoying how your are eating and having results! woo hoo!