Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wednesday Update...things are going great!

Hello friends!

Just a quick post to update you all on how things are going here. I am excited to report that I am down 5# already!!! woo hoo!!! I think I got on the scale 10x this morning because I couldn't believe it! My sister is down 3# & is on day 4 and I am on day 6. I fell hopeful that this may be the answer for me. I hope it is. It hasn't been bad at all. There is alot of prep work to do so I am cooking alot more, but if it helps me to lose 1#/day I will cook like a crazy woman! lol.I don't mind and with my sister doing this with me, we have been helping each other emotionally and with food prep. She works full time & I work part time so I have a little more time for the food prep than she does so today I shared with her some oopsie rolls & some apple flax protein muffins. The muffins are fabulous!!!

So I encourage you to give this a try if you want to try something new that is not only safe & healthy & created by a Dr., but its also pretty easy to follow. I am going to post the recipe for the apple flax muffins. They are soooo good with a little natures hollow peach jam on top! Heavenly!!!

Hope all is well with you girls! Happy Hump day!!!

Apple Flax Protein Muffins (C1)

(Adapted from recipe by Laura Dolson)

Recipe Adaptation by: Caryl Schiff-Greatorex


1 ¼ cup flaxseed meal
2 tsp baking powder
1 Tbsp Cinnamon
2 scoops Body Fortress Vanilla Whey Powder
½ tsp salt
9 packets Stevia (equivalent to 6 Tbsp sugar)
1 Tbsp Agave Nectar
1 cup egg whites
1/3 cup olive oil
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
¼ cup water
1 Apple chopped fine
½ cup walnuts (optional)

Mix dry ingredients together and add in remaining ingredients and mix. Fill 12 muffin tins and bake at 350 degrees for 18 – 20 minutes.*
**Please note~ I did not use all of the oil in this recipe. I used 1 T. + 1/2 c unsweetened applesauce. I also used 2 T. splenda brown sugar baking blend instead of just plain stevia. Feel free to adjust the recipe according to the plan that you follow. These are really great!!!

Nutritional Info for 1 muffin:

137 calories
8.4 g fat
140 mg sodium
8 g carbs (but NONE qualifies as a natural starch)
1.4g fiber
3.2 g sugar
9.6g protein

*Note: Consistency is very moist, If you prefer a drier muffin, bake longer


  1. They sound good but has stuff I don't eat. I am so happy for you that you both found something that is working and you are doing well.
    Have a good one :-)

  2. Those sound really yummy, and have great nutrional counts - yahoo! Way to go so far this week, great job!

  3. Woot!!! That is so exciting and you sound excited and that my friend is a winning combination!!! Yay for you and your sis! I have still never broken down and bought protein powder because it is so spendy and I am cheap;)

  4. Wow, you are really on a roll! I'm so happy that this is working for you! Those muffins look good, with only a few changes (agave nectar, apples) we could make them BFC friendly as well!

  5. Congrats Sherri! I'm so glad that this is working for you. I did buy that book (17 DD) on my kindle this summer. I guess you can eat things like this muffin on the first part of the plan? I don't cifics now. You mentioned in your last post that you made the protein poppers and mock egg rolls. Where did you get those recipes? I'd love to try them. The BFC girls always make the protein bites, but I haven't made them yet. Are the poppers similar? On another note, guess what I'm having Monday?? I called and they are scheduling me then. Hopefully this will help me walk better and I can get back to walking again. Keep up the great work and keep us posted!

    1. YAy!!! A knee arthroscopy for you Miss Pattie???? I hope so. You deserve to be active & not hobble. Inbox me your email address via FB & I will email you the recipes. Hugs to you!!!

  6. Thanks for all the nice comments girls. Im really pressed for time but will plan to read your posts this weekend. Hope you are all well. Oh, btw, I was down another 1/2# this morning!! woot woot!! :)