Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thurs C1D4

Hi again!

Just a quick update! Its day 4 of Cycle 1 and I am down another pound today for a total of 3.5# since Monday March 3rd. I'm pleased with that and am doing well on it so far. I did have 2 lean burgers for dinner tonight on a no carb egg roll (aka oopsie roll that you make with egg & cream cheese) I was hungry when I got home from work so I did have a couple handfuls of almonds too while grilling up the burgers to tide me over, but I did not touch the fries I made for the family and that was a great victory. Normally, I would have a bunch of fries too and then pick at the leftovers.
So anyways, there's my quick update. Will keep you posted.
Thanks for reading and for your comments!


  1. Go, go,go!!! I have never made the oopsie rolls, actually I haven't really made any of the special flour things. I bought it all and never used it.
    I was good today :)

  2. doing GREAT!! The OOpsie sounds like the cream cheese pancakes I make - I add in some protein powder - usually strawberry.

  3. Sherri, It is really good to see you back. I dont blog anymore but I do love to read other blogs and she we are all here for each other. I am still trucking along to and dream to be a smaller version of myself someday.

  4. Sherri, How are you going???