Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mornin Peeps!

Good morning Skinny Peeps!

Its a crisp December morning here in Erie, PA. The sun is shining but it is chilly, only in the upper 30s and they are calling for snow tomorrow, 1-3 inches. I am ready for it though. Snow always gets me in the Christmas spirit!! :)

Yesterday was a very sad day. It was the anniversary of my best friends husbands death. He was only 49 and took his own life last year. She has had a year filled with sorrow, health problems galore, financial woes & bankruptcy, a mentally ill child and feelings of being responsible for his death. what a heavy burden to carry! I pray every day for her that God will lift this heavy burden from her. She doesn't deserve the things that have happened to her. I pray that 2012 will be a "corner turning" year for her. She has started to smile again & that is a beautiful thing to see!  I took her out to my favorite day spa & we got pedicures & then we went to grab some lunch...grilled chicken salads that were so yummy!!!! She has been my best friend for over 24 years and she is more like a sister to me than a friend. She has a chronic life threatening illness that will someday take her life, which I fear may be sooner than later. Every hospitalization she seems to get a little bit worse, but yesterday, she was so good! she has bouts of congestive heart failure related to this disease so it is difficult for her to do anything that requires alot of walking or activity. She is younger than I am, only 44. She also has kidney problems related to this disease & has been on the verge of dialysis so many times.When I visit her, she usually spends most of the time in tears, sobbing. I cant put into words how it hurts to see her in such pain. I took the day off from work so that I could spend some time with her. I didn't want her to spend the day in bed crying and I told her that she needed to be ready to leave by 11am and that we were not going to spend the day watching her wedding video & looking at her wedding album, which was what she wanted to do. I told her that we are getting out of the house & we are going to do something. It was great to just sit & relax & chat. She is one of those friends that no matter how much time has passed, when you get together with them, after a short time, you are both back on the same page and its like no time has passed since you last saw them. She and I both have busy lives & we are the type of friends who "don't keep score". We never say "well you haven't called me in months" . She is a true friend in every aspect and I feel so blessed that God allowed our paths to cross that first day of nursing school in 1987. She is a "keeper"! All in all, we had a very nice day, considering the underlying circumstances of the day & I am going to buy her a gift card to the day spa as a Christmas gift & take her back there again, maybe for massages and a pedicure next time. Sorry to have such heavy content in this paragraph but I know many of you like to hear what is going on in each others lives, & that is what is happening in mine. I'm so happy we got through the day without incident. I was prepared for the worst.

AS far as the weight front goes, well, my scale battery went kaput yesterday. Got on yesterday morning & it gave me 4 different weights and all of them were NOT good numbers!!! So I bought a new battery yesterday & got on this morning & it looks like I'm down about 1#. I will take it in December and 2 weeks before Christmas! I have decided that I am just not gonna stress over the scale this month. I am just gonna do my best to stay on plan, eat right & try to stay the same or lose a little (hopefully) for the rest of this month. I didn't think that it would be this challenging but I have to admit, it has been. My sister and I have decided that it is time to reign things in & buckle down but we decided that it will be best to do that once we get through Christmas. I'm just gonna try to keep myself "in check" in the meantime.

I hope you are all doing great! I have to get myself moving. Every year we take an angel card from the tree from church & sponsor a needy child with a Christmas gift. We have a 10 yo girl and they wrote that she needs a pr of shoes. How sad. I am going to get her a gift card (I think) for the shoes because that is something you have to try on, in my opinion and I usually always get them a toy of some sort. So I am off to get showered & to go shopping! Yay!

I hope you are all well & I'm sorry I was off the radar for a couple of days. Have a wonderful Thursday!!!!

Hugs to all


  1. HI Sherri, What an emotional day you had yesterday. You are a good friend to try to cheer her up. I will try to remember to keep her in my thoughts.
    Great job on the 1 lb. These new scales are stupid. one day it will say I am 151 then the next day it says I am 149. whatever.
    Have a great day :-)

  2. What a day! Sounds like you did a great thing for your friend, I think. And you can do it again after Christmas!

    As far as great lemon coconut bread recipes, I don't have one for you because I haven't yet taken the time to make one. Rosalie has a recipe on her blog you could try -

    Great job on the pound! My scale can be all over the place too. Just as long as the trend is down it's Ok. :)

  3. Sherri, you post makes me realize that there are so many people out there that have so many issues over the Holiday's. It is so sad. I am proud of you for being such a good friend.
    I'm not sure the coconut flour is a good idea if you are just doing WW? I thought it has more calories than regular flour? I have been wrong before, can certainly be wrong here too.
    You are lucky to have your sister to keep you on track too. Vow to each other that you will bug the other one if you don't jump right back in after Christmas. You have come too far to turn back now:) You can do this! You have a surgery to look forward to!
    Don't you have another party tomorrow?

  4. Sherri, I'm definitely with you on not stressing over the scale this month. It is Christmas for goodness sake! I think if we maintain until after the holidays it will be fine. If we go down a pound like you it's even better!! Good for you!!

    So sorry to hear about your friend. Life is so unfair sometimes! It really is! I think taking her out of the house and spending the day together like you did was perfect! She sounds like a good friend to have too.

    About the lemon cake Jeri also had a really good recipe on her blog. It was for orange pound cake that she made into muffins, but you could substitute the lemon for the orange like I did. It was very light and tasty. See if this link will work for you:

  5. It lightens her burdens to have such a good friend. And a little pampering/self-care is good for our mental health.
    You're doing well Sherri-hope you enjoyed your day of shopping.

  6. Hey Sherri! Thanks as always for all the nice comments you always give me. I love hearing from you! I am catching up on all my blog reading. That is such a sad story about your friend. Made me stop the little pity party I was having for myself the other day! You realize that your problems are very small when you hear what someone like your friend is going through. It is good that she has you to lean on. You're a great friend. I think you are doing a great job with the weight loss. I agree that just trying to make it through the holidays without any major damage or gains is what's important. Big holiday hugs from me to you my friend!