Thursday, December 15, 2011

So I gotta tell ya.....

Hey there girls!

Well, gotta tell you this...that lemon coconut bread is that dang BOMB!!!! Holy cow!!! I feel like I am indulging into something so decadent and it has barely any sugar and only counts as 3 points on WW to boot! I had a bowl of hearty chili & 4 crackers in it ( I gotta have a few crackers in my chili!) and a slice of coconut bread with 1 T of Natures Hollow Raspberry jam & about 9 berries (blackberries & raspberries mixed) and can I just tell you, it was fabulous!!! I think I am gonna make my next batch of coconut bread with the 3/4 c almond breeze again. I really like it with the cheesecake texture. I feel like its dessert!

So I also gotta tell you, even though this week has been loaded and I mean LOADED with food at work I have been super good in following my plan and I can honestly say that the worst I have been was to eat 2 small pieces of white cake on Tues that were cut into approx 2 inch squares. They were really good & worth it or I wouldn't have had a 2nd piece. We had 2 lunches catered by the surgeons, bagels this morning from another one of our surgeons as well as one of the girls made cinnamon rolls too and today was also the hospitals BIG employee Christmas dinner and I am proud to say I didn't eat any of it! I am finding that I do have will power and that the pull of the food doesn't have the hold on me that it once did. Tomorrow (Fri) is our staff Christmas dinner at a very nice hotel. I am looking forward to that and I am planning to enjoy the nice meal. It was my plan all week to reserve my indulgence for Friday and I cant believe it but I have stayed true to my plan. I hate to toot my own horn, but I am really proud of myself. This is a victory for me indeed!

I did another day of BFC meals and I feel really good. I don't feel impulsive and although I was hungry when I got home from work at 6pm, I made a really yummy pizza on a low carb flat bread & loaded it up with lite mozzarella, turkey pepperoni, turkey sausage & mushrooms & it was worth the wait! So good and so filling! My hubby did get a 2# box of Daffins choc covered nuts & I did have a couple of them for dessert (about 4 small ones, looked like almonds)To me it was worth it. And I had a half of an almond milk smoothie that tasted like a frosty. I could only eat 1/2 of it but it is low sugar & low carb (a WW smoothie mix) but i enjoyed it.

So that was my day. I am pretty tired. This week at work has been super busy! I think that everyone is trying to get their surgery done before Christmas.

I know you are all probably falling over seeing another post from me, 2 days in a row now. Pick yourselves up girls! Its for real! hahahaha!

Have a great night!
Ho Ho Ho!


  1. I love that you posted again. Sounds like you are doing great Sherri. I love the coconut bread too. I was going to post that this time I made it with egg beaters. I sometimes use them in place of eggs to make scrambled eggs. I also added a few tbs of sour cream. My bread was very moist. Tell me what you did to make yours. Everyone changes it up so much, that I forget what to try next. I hope you are finding some time to enjoy this beautiful season. It gets so hectic, and you are so right, we need to remember the reason for the season. It sometimes gets lost in all the tinsel and lights! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas. You are so sweet and I'm glad we are blogger girlfriends!!Enjoy that lovely dinner. You deserve it for sticking to our plan! Christmas hugs from me to you!
    PS I love crackers in my chili too. We have lots in common!

  2. Sherri, you're funny. You make me laugh. You're doing great! I'm glad you are proud of yourself & you should be. It's so hard to resist all of the flour and sugar filled food. Enjoy the party on Friday, you deserve it girlfriend!

  3. I Sherri, I must say that you are doing so great! You are trying real hard and its gonna pay off. You already know how much I love coconut bread. I think I need some every day now. I always make different flavors. Try some cream cheese then natures hollow on the lemon. Heaven!!
    Have a great day :-)

  4. I love crackers in my chili too! So do you just plug all the nutritional info in and keep watch of your WW points & S/C?
    I love hearing that you're proud of yourself-I'm proud of you too. All these small/big victories add up.

  5. You sound happy and determined! I love, love, love that you are blogging more! I can only imagine how hard it has been to have all those treats around. The decisions will pay off:) Woot to you!!!

  6. I really love my coconut bread moist like that too. I put yogurt and eggs and milk in mine, and it is so good!

    Isn't it nice when the food doesn't have the power? Now you do! wahoo! Have a great Friday!

  7. Hmmm, I've got to try it this way. Thanks for sharing your version of it with us.