Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time to report in....

Hello Dear friends!

Well, today was a day off for me but it sure didn't feel like it. I feel like I haven't stopped since I got up & I am feeling the effects now...I'm pooped! I had so much that I wanted to accomplish & that fell kind of flat. My youngest daughter usually rides the bus home but it was early dismissal at 1:30pm so I had to pick her up because the busses don't run for the catholic schools on early dismissal days. What a pain in the butt that can be, especially when I have to work. So I felt like my day got cut short by having to pick her up. I wanted to pick up my prescriptions (didn't get there), wanted to go grocery shopping (got that done..yay!) and am in DESPERATE need of my hairspray which I can buy at wholesale price at a local cosmetology school (its $22/can but worth EVERY penny!!! Love it!! Kenra 25 volume spray in case you are wondering) and I didn't get there cuz its across town, and I need to return some things to Kohl's & Sam's club which I didn't get done. I could go up to Sam's tonight but to be honest, I really don't want to. I just don't feel like dealing with the crowds. I did get to run the vacuum & clean up the kitchen a bit and I made an excellent pot of chili for dinner. Kind of winged it & it came out yummy!!! Very thick  & hearty!

So I gotta tell you, I have been feeling a bit inspired by you, my peeps! Seeing Rosalie & Amber getting to meet Jorge & all of the success stories just make me want to work a little bit harder to stay on track. Also, seeing that picture of Kay looking so skinny a year later....I want that to be ME next year too!  So today, I thought to myself, I am gonna track my food really close to BFC guidelines & I feel like I did pretty well. Now don't get me wrong now, I am still on WW & plan to stay on WW however I thought I would just monitor the carbs & sugar intake because lately I feel like it has gotten a bit outta control. I get home from work & I literally want to chew off my arm because I am so hungry & then I get something sweet & I am off the track & riding the train  into Candy land! (lol, not really, I just thought that sounded cute! But I have been indulging in too many sweet things & I need to reel it in!) So I carefully watched my S/C all day & although I know its not the 15/6 Jorge recommends, I only went over by 8 in the sugar dept & 1 additional carb serving so my S/C total for today was 23/7. Not too bad for me. I felt really good & felt like I could suck my tummy in. I didn't feel bloated at all & feel like I had a really good day. So here's what I ate:
1/2 c egg beaters 0/0) w/chives & 1 slice (1/2oz) 2% milk reduced fat cheese (0/0)
2 slices Trader Joe's sprouted wheat bread toasted (0/14)
1 T light butter
1 T Natures Hollow Raspberry preserves (OMG! Sooo good!) 0/8
1 C Chocolate Almond Breeze, unsweetened (0/3)
1/2 c raspberries (2/8)
Total  S/C 2/31gms carbs  or 2/2

Mini pizza
Arnold thin (2/22)
1 T pizza sce (1/1)
1 1/2 oz light mozzarella (0/0)
1/3 c turkey sausage crumbles (0/0)
8 slices turkey pepperoni (0/0)
This was really yummy! Def will have it again!

1 c chili (7/1)
1/2 c strawberries in 1 container nonfat plain greek yogurt w/ 1 1/2 pkts Truvia (soo yummy too!)

Snack 1 slice of coconut bread with some natures hollow on top (1 T)

 I cant remember the S/C of the bread but I know its low. I have everything written out on my tracker & the final count was 23/7 per my calculations. I went over my pts by 2 but I ate very little fruit which is free so I think I did really well calorically speaking. On a side note, my coconut bread came out kind of on the heavy & moist side. I made Rosie's lemon coconut bread. It is edible & I have been trying to put my finger on what it tastes like & it dawned on me this reminds me of cheesecake! Heavy & dense & moist. I am thinking its not supposed to be this way but I will eat it up & try again. Perhaps I had too much liquid? I added an extra 1/2 c almond breeze instead of 1/4 cup. I'm thinking that's what did it.

So that's my day in a nutshell. I know this sounds pathetic, but I am so tired right now, I feel like I could fall asleep here at my computer! Cant wait til 10pm for bed!

Hope you are all doing great!
Love to all


  1. Holy Cow you are a busy girl! I can not imagine having young kids at home. You rock!!!
    Your food looks good! I think a combination of whatever works for you is the best diet ever.
    Thank you tons for the compliment! It can be you next year! It takes time. I don't know how these people post that they have lost so much weight so quickly. It seems TOTALLY impossible for your body to give up its hard won fat that quickly. I'm no expert or I would be RICH!!!
    I wish for you to be where you want to be by this time next year. I have full faith in your ability to get her done!!!
    Blessings my friend! It's an honor to sign,
    Skinnie Minnie

  2. I have faith in you-I have faith in ALL of us! A year from now we'll be talking about maintaining...blessing to you.

  3. Sherri. you are doing great! BTW, love the Kendra 25...yeah soul sister!!! I knew we had alot in common. I think you are smart to count the s/c. I really don't have those wild cravings when I keep the sugar count low. It makes it easier to stick to the plan. I'm proud of you for keepin' on! Big hugs to you from me!

  4. HI Kay I think you did real good on your food. I know you be at your goal in no time if you keep that up.
    I make my coconut bread with at least 6 eggs and less milk. Some make it with 4 eggs and more milk. read on the coconut flour webpage that when they refer to liquid - it means eggs - so thats why.
    You will get used to the taste of the coconut flour.
    Have a great day :-)

  5. Wow, my coconut bread has never tasted like cheesecake but honestly that sounds better! I think you are doing great! Adapting parts of the BFC to your WW is an awesome idea! I think all of us feel better with less sugar in them no matter which plan you follow. We have come so far this year - next Christmas we will ALL be skinny!!