Saturday, December 4, 2010

For my "peeps!"

Thanks girls for all your wonderful supportive posts. Your kind words bring tears to my eyes & it is so good to know that I have you all to sound off to. Even though I have never met any of you in person, I truly feel like I know you all by heart! You are all such a blessing to me!!!THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!!

I came home this morning to find a vase of roses on the kitchen counter for me. 3 red roses with some babys breath. It was lovely. He came up to me, handed them to me, gave me a hug & kiss & said that he was very sorry. I beleive that he is and I do believe that he wants to change & make this work.We have communicated better in the last 24 hrs than we have in years. I am still feeling sad & kind of weepy but am gonna go see my Dr next week for a little "happy pill" to take the edge off. I really think I need it. My sisters took me out this morning for breakfast & I have eaten pretty much just toast for the past week & I ate a ham & cheese omelette & some hash browns & all I can say is...I am paying for it with upset tummy & diarrhea now. Oh boy!!! Sorry if it is TMI. I think it was just way too much at one time, but I was hungry. Went to bed last night with my stomach growling so I was famished this am!!

Anyways, hope you are all doing great. Just trying to pull myself together. Im so tired!!!!

Love you all!!!


  1. Hi Sherri, I am so glad to hear that he is at least trying. That is a very good start. Like I said before, I can relate, so if you want to talk - call me. I am a very good listener and I can share. Love :-)

  2. Oh Sherri, i'm soooo sorry about your troubles, i've been away for awhile and have just read your posts. I'm so glad he is going to try. My mother was a mental abuser as well as a physical abuser and sounds just like your husband, always manipulating me into guilt and i too have many many emotional scars. You're lucky there wasn't physical abuse because that is the hardest to get over. Anyway, six years ago, for my mental health, i had to cut ties completely from her, she continued the emotional abuse in my adulthood and started to emotionally abuse my 13 year old daughter at the time. My dad would always just sit there and let her abuse us and not say a word! So needless to say, i haven't spoken to them in 6 years and my life is so much better. I was just a mess 6 years ago, i abused alcohol and food and really didn't want to live anymore but knew i had to for my girls and husband. My mother was never willing to humble herself and get help for her anger, so i'm really proud of you husband for doing that for you! You are beautiful, inside and out, and don't let anyone tell you any different!!!! You will get through this as i did. One day at a time...Love & Hugs (:

  3. Sherri, I am so glad things seem to be turning in the right direction. I will pray that he will continue on the right path. I am so glad we have each other as friends and I cherish everyone on the BFC sisterhood. Lisa's story brought tears to my eyes. When I ever I think I have it bad I will always think of her story and yours as well. You are really tough women...and ever so awesome in my book.

  4. Hoping and praying that he's truly headed in the right direction. Just make sure you take care of yourself and your children. Sometimes we just need to remove ourselves from abusive people, even if it is a spouse or family member. God does not ask us to be doormats. Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do, which, in cases like this, is to stand up the to bully. Loving someone is doing what's best for them, and sometimes leaving them is what's best for them, as crazy as that may sound. Sometimes we are that person's trigger for whatever reason, so it can be best if we remove ourselves from their life. This may be what gives them the space they need to realize that they need help, and hopefully get it. For your sake, I'm hoping that he'll realize this, and really do something about it, without you needing to leave.

  5. I am glad things are looking up for you! As always you will be in our thoughts and prayers. :) We luv each other in our sisterhood. :)