Saturday, December 18, 2010

Onederland is getting close!!!

Hey girls!!
Omigosh!!! Omigosh!! Omigosh!!! I cant believe it!!! I weighed in this morning and lost of 11.8# and I am 2# away from being in the 190's!!! Official weight was 201.2. I can hardly believe it!! I feel like I have been spinning in neutral for such a long long time and to see these numbers again on the scale is just so thrilling!!! I AM gonna be in ONEDERLAND for Christmas & not New Years like I had hoped.Makes me even more motivated to work harder. Oh...and my measurements are down too!! Waist is 39 1/2 now from 43 and belly is down to 44 from 47. Yippee!! My pants are getting bigger & I love that feeling!!!

All is good here....just trying to get some last minute things done. My daughter (12 yo) wanted to make cookies so I made 3 differnet doughs yesterday & will bake them when I get time. I made Reese cup cookies & didnt have the desire to have one!! Now THAT is an accomplishment for sure. I have to make cutouts and those.....well, those are really a downfall of mine. I am gonna have to make em & freeze immediately. I am having Christmas Eve for the in laws at our house this year so the cookies will be dessert.

My best friend called me today, she is still having a hard time with everything. Please continue to pray for her & her children. This is such a hard time for so many @ Christmas....My heart just breaks for them.

Thanks to everyone who posted comments. It is so good to feel back in the loop again.

Have a great day!
Love to all!!


  1. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) You'll get there!

    Hugs and prayers to your friend and her kids. I can't even imagine the pain they're in, especially with it being Christmas time.

  2. We will Sherri continue to pray for that family, and it is sad what they will feel when these Holiday roll around every year to come. Only God can heal something this tragic, and take away this pain so deep. I hope the mom is seeking professional help for her daughter to make sure she is okay inside. Great too on your weight loss. I seem to be doing what I was before, but something has shifted and I am not losing, but holding steady at 170lb. Walking and started to work 30 minutes on our Eliptical, but still no changes on the scale, but overall feel more strong! Enjoy your weekend girl! Luv ya

  3. Congrats Sherri on your weight loss. You will be in the wonderlands with me real soon. You might even pass me by if my weight continues to stay around the same weight the past couple of weeks. I will continue to pray for your friend and her family for God to them strength and comfort. Hope you have a Merry Christmas and so proud of you for not eating that cookie that would be hard for me.

  4. Great to see your weight loss is coming around! What ever works for you is the way to go. Sugar cookies are my down fall too. I found a recipe for legal sugar cookies and may try them. I'm glad things are turning around for you and your husband, what a blessing that is!