Friday, December 3, 2010

Update..."Come to Jesus" moment!

Hello dear ones!

Well, I cried all the way home from work tonite and when hubby walked in the door, he saw me & asked what was wrong. I told him that his behavior is tearing me and our family apart & if he isnt willing to get help, that I am going to leave. I told him that his decision is the "breaking point" & that I am ready to hire an attorney for a divorce. We had a heart to heart and discussed things civilly & have decided to get some marraige counseling and he has agreed to attend anger management. We talked with the girls tonite & told them that our home is going to be more peaceful and that we are going to work hard to heal our marriage.

So we shall see how this transpires. I beleive that he does want to change and  that perhaps there may be hope. My marriage has been broken for the past few yrs & we arent going to be singing kumbaya & making smores anytime soon.....but I do believe that progress has been made.

I am exhausted emotionally & physically. Going to lay in bed for a while now & just chill out. Thanks to eveyone for being my friends & listening.

Love ~


  1. I'm glad you got him to listen Sherri. I hope you both work it out, you deserve to be happy. :-)

  2. Finding the right time to talk is one of the hardest things to do in a relationship because it seems we go through marriage "never" on the same wave length. It's perfect that those lines of communication opened up for you both, and he was willing to hear you, and put some importance on it. I'm also glad he is willing to go to see a marriage counselor with you, and that he will attend anger management counseling. Some great men come out of counseling when they give up their need to control "everything". You have made the first step Sherri. Make sure he follows through on his word. Stay honest with each other, and have grace for one another. He may not know what he needs to do to change, just keep making it clear, since he may have had a poor example to follow while he was growing up. Love you, K

  3. Sherri, I am glad that he has decided to listen to you and get help. I pray for you and your family that things will work out. You deserve nothing but to be treated with love and kindness and your daughters do too.

  4. Oh Sherri, I'm sorry that you are going through all of this. I hope your husband takes this seriously and really takes advantage of the therapy/counseling. It's sad when one person refuses to get help for themselves, when there's help out there, and it ends up ruining the marriage. Be sure to maintain your expectancy from him or he might take advantage of you lowering the bar and slide backwards.

    Love and prayers,