Thursday, December 30, 2010

Onderland has finally officially arrived!!!

Hello to all my Skinny Sisters!

Well, I am pleased as punch to announce that it is official....I have  arrived in ONEDERLAND as of this mornings weigh in!!! I lost 1.6# this week and am down to 199.8. Talk about getting there by the skin of your teeth but you know what...Im taking it!!! My goal was to be in the 190s by the end of the year and I did it!! I havent been in the 190s for my goodness...YEARS!! Well over 6 years!!! It feels so darned good too! My sister and I are still doing weight watchers together and she is down 18.5#. My total with them is 13.6# (when I started with them) but I am really down almost 19# since March as that was my highest weighing month ever...218.5!! Yikes!!  I am so proud of her and you can tell she is losing. We decided we need to take photos of ourselves every 10# lost to keep a photo journal as well as measurements. I did do measurements of myself and I do have some before pictures I could use. I am still too embarrassed to post them. I know, I know, just do it, huh?! Eventually I will. I promise. I have lost 4 inches off my waist and 4 inches off my belly and I can feel it.

So as we plunge in 2011, I am entering this year with a feeling of hope and  a feeling of "I believe I can do this" finally!! For years every new years would rolll around and I would be depressed because I was always a few pounds heavier than the year before, but NOT THIS YEAR!!!! This year I weigh less than I have in over 6 years and I am celebrating!!!

My husbands 50th bday is on Saturday. I am throwing him a little party for this monumental occasion and we are going on a 7 day cruise in Feb as the real celebration. I want to be in the 180s by my cruise mid Feb and I want to buy a cute little cocktail dress to wear on dress up night. That is my motivation. I also am going to stop making excuses not to exercise. I belong to a fabulous gym and although my workout partner abandoned me, I am going to have to pull it together & get there 3x a week. I also bought a new DVD kickboxing video with weighted gloves. Cant wait to try  it out! It has 3 levels, beginner, intermediate & advanced so I like that and they are 30 - 45 mins in duration. I dont have the stamina to do an hr yet.

Well, I have to go in to work to help do year end inventory. The surgery center I work for is so behind the times. Nothing is done in the computer....everything is manual!!! So ridiculous!! They make so much more work for us and we waste so much paper doing everything manually. We even have to count the cottonballs!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

Well girls, have a wonderful day!! I will post tomorrow too to send my new years wishes!!!
p.s I havent cried in 3 days!!!! I think my antidepressant is finally working!!!


  1. Sherri, I am so excited for you! It is a great feeling to be in the Onederlands huh? I am hoping to be in the 180's seems like I have been in the 190's FOREVER! So glad you are feeling better and not been crying. Sometimes it takes those meds a little while to kick in. Please post your before picutes you will be glad you did when you start seeing the afters. Have a Happy New Year my friend!

  2. One cotton ball, two cotton ball,... got a kick out of this one! Glad you made it to the Onederlands! Like Diana said, it feels like it takes forever for that darn scale to jump down into the next set of lower digits, and when it does, we just gotta feel a great appreciation that it's finally moving in the right direction. I even took out my batteries in my scale thinking that it was stuck on the same number, and it wasn't the batteries at all. Just little ol' me taking my sweet time to loose this blasted fat! But finally on Christmas morning, low and behold, it moved down a pound and I said, "FINALLY, THANK YOU FOR THIS GREAT GIFT". I sincerely meant it. SO HERE'S TO A NEW YEAR FILLED WITH SENSATIONAL EXPERIENCES, KIND ACTS OF LOVE, AND PANTS THAT KEEP FALLING OFF OUR HIPS!

  3. Amen Sisters!!!! Happy New Year, NEW YOU to all of you!!!

  4. Yippee!!! Welcome to Onderland. :)

    Kasey,....heehee...pants that keep falling off our hips! it.