Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Post....

Good morning BFC Buds!

Well, Thanksgiving was its usual fanfare for my family. My mother, as always, made a delicious meal and there were barely any leftovers. I think she was surprised at that. I went a little overboard on the carbs yesterday & am feeling it today for sure! I had  turkey, about 1/2 c stuffing & about 1/2 c mashed potatoes with gravy, then some of my 7 layer salad, 1 T. of my moms homemade applesauce (for a taste...hers tastes like apple pie!! OMG..soooo good!!)  & 1 T corn. The green beans were icky. My sister put lemon juice on them & it ruined the taste. For dessert I had a small pc of pumpkin custard that I made & 1 bite of my sisters apple pie (just to taste was really good!) My tummy was happy & although I know I went overboard on the carbs, I know I could have done much much worse. We got home around 8:45 pm & I got in  my jammies & watched some tv then hit the hay. I have to say, i felt very bloated from the stuffing & mashed potatoes & I am not even hungry yet this morning which my stomach is usually growling by this time. It was a special occasion, I enjoyed myself, & I am moving on today. I refuse to beat myself up for anything I ate. I know this to be true.  I dont feel as good when I am not as "on track" as I should be. I believe those hidden sugars really do wreak havoc in our bodies. I have felt so good being off of them and having that bite of pie really proved it to me, I am losing that desire for sweet stuff. It was good but just not as good as I remember it to be in the past & not sure if its worth it. I think having the control to stop at one bite is difficult but you have to know the limits because the more you feed the "sugar monster" the more you will want & it will get out of control. I think its all in the head & pshychlogically, my head was missing it, but my body tells me otherwise. I mentioned that I slipped up a few times during the week. I ate some yogurt that I really like & had a few more carb servings here & there that werent in alignment with the program...and you know what? It didnt feel good & I felt kind of out of control although I really least not that bad. I am back on track today & I did get on the scale this morning but I am going to officially weigh in tomorrow. I am retaining fluid from all the carbs & am gonna drink lots of water today to try to flush out the excess sodium & fluid my body is holding on to today.

I am going to head to the gym again today for about an hr or so, then have some errands to run & then gonna do some cleaning. I hope you all had a great holiday with your family & friends!! Have a great Friday & if you are out there shopping today....God Bless you! I hate the Black Friday craziness & there is nothing that will get this girl outta bed in the wee hrs to go shopping.

Love to all my "sisters" and ((Big Hugs)) too!!


  1. {{{HUGS}}}

    You'll get things figured out for yourself. I'm glad your not beating yourself up. You're not giving up and that is what's most important.

    About not feeling hungry, please read my comment to you under the Happy Turkey Day post.

  2. Sherri, It is true how we feel after eating things that we are not use to anymore...bloated and stuffed. But as long as we get back on track we should be proud of ourselves. I did great but I did not realize that the pumpkin cheese cake I made with sun crystals because the store did not carry anything else was so high on the sugar counts. Boy learn by my mistakes but it sure tasted good. Back to the diet grind now and still hoping to make it to 190 by the end of the year. Have a great day my BFC sister.