Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 1 of the BFC...

Hello BFC friends!
Well, I did it!! I am an official blogger now and I am excited to get this going! Not excited about posting before & after pics & the only ones I have on file are from August so perhaps tomorrow I will have my daughter take some new updated photos for me to post.
I started following the BFC on Oct 30th after 6 weeks on being on Weight Watchers only to have lost a whopping 4.6#. Pathetic! "What gives" I said to myself?! I just dont get it! I followed the program to the letter only to once again be disappointed. My sister lost 12# in the 6 weeks & is still going strong and me...only 4.6#. You could say, be thankful Sherri ...its not a gain...oh believe me...I am VERY thankful it was a loss & not a gain. so I said to myself there has to be a better way..and so I made the comittment then & there to follow the BFC.

So here we are 1 week later. I got on the scale this morning only to be disappointed again my a less than stellar loss. Only down 1.5#. (sigh) I try not to weigh myself daily as it seems when I do, if its not a great number, it determines my happiness for the day. I want it to go away NOW! Why do I have to work 10x harder than anyone else to lose weight? oy!! Ok, I am off my soapbox & stopping my pity party of 1. I am going to continue to work hard again this week & I am NOT stepping on that scale again until NEXT Friday!! I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!

Thank you to all my BFC friends! We are all in this together & its great to have such wonderful support!
Love & belief


  1. HI Sherri, I am very proud of you to decide to blog. It is a good way to start the BFC. I know you will do great! :-)

  2. Sherri, welcome to the BFC and congratulations on your weight loss! I understand your frustration about only losing a pound or two when you are eating so carefully, following the BFC plan! Just like Rosalie said in her blog, keep going and do not cheat and the pounds WILL come off! I've had weeks that I didn't lose anything, but I stuck with it and eventually I did lose, yipee! Then I was SO GLAD that I didnt give up! We are all cheering for you!

  3. Hi Sherri, when I was younger, my focus was so much on my weight gain or loss that sometimes it could affect my day, or weeks of finding a personal self acceptance. Now my focus at 55 yr. old is on health. The weight is coming off, not as fast as it once did, but I know that I am more healthy than 75% of the women my age, and when I get done with loosing my weight I will be 100% more healthy than any women my age! Love yourself, give yourself the gift of health, and the weight will come off.

  4. Hi Sherri, I am so glad you decided to blog. You sound alot like me on my diet journeys. I was the same on weight watchers too. I took me 4 months to lose 4lbs. Have patience with this plan. I dont know if it take the body time to adjust but mine did the same thing. I have been on the plan for almost 3 months and have lost 18lbs. I also have thyroid disease. So If I can finally lose the weight I think anyone can.
    I am also a team leader for sparkpeople's Belly fat cure team if you would like to join. I have a few ladies from the blogs who have joined and it really does help to have that support.

  5. Welcome to blogging, and congrats on your weight loss so far!

  6. I started BFC Nov. 1st - almost the same time as you. Today is Day 11 for me. I also have a WW connection - I lost 33 lbs and became a leader in 1995. Since then it hasn't worked as well for me either. I also let the scale dictate my mood. That's why I packed mine in a box & put it in the garage. I'd rather feel good and look good then have some "number" tell me that I'm a "success" or "failure". My tummy feels much less "flappy" and my husband says he can't stop putting his arms around my waist. I'm even walking taller with better posture. Oh, that darn belly!