Saturday, November 6, 2010

Saturday Edition~I LOVE TRADER JOES!!!

A good day to my BFC friends!!

Been cleaning and doing the usual household chores that need to get done today before the start of another work week on Monday. Weekends go way too fast anymore!!! (sigh) But I do have a fantabulous job as a recovery room nurse in an ambulatory surgery center and I truly work with the nicest people I have every met!!!! Oh, and I am blessed to have a job....and it is such a bonus to have one that you love! A "WIN-WIN" for sure!!!
So today, gonna do a little grocery shopping, gonna grill some chicken for dinner (yumbo!) and visit my parents. Tomorrow, my sister and I are going for a road trip to Trader Joes outside of Cleveland. I am excited about that for 2 reasons....#1...because I have the most wonderful sister(s) and we have way too much fun together and #2....I LOVE Trader Joes!!! OMG! Can I tell you something I found on my last trip there that I absolutely LOVE??!!! They have a sprouted wheat bread that is S/C 0/1 for 2 (yes you heard me...TWO!!) slices!!! It is Trader Joes brand & is just like ezekial bread, a little smaller slice but each individual slice is 0 sugars/7gm carb per slice. Ezekial bread is 0 sugars/15gm carb per slice. A carbohydrate "bargain" in my opinion.  So those of you who have a TJs nearby, check it out. Makes me a very happy girl when I can have a whole sandwich & not an open faced one. I called the other day & pre ordered 10 loaves & am gonna pop those babies in the freezer for the winter!!! Oh...perhaps this week I will make some french toast!! ( Anybody else know of any other good BFC finds @ Trader Joes?? Would love it if you would share in the comments section.

I want to thank everyone who commented on my first post. Thank you for visiting and thank you for your encouragement! I have struggled with my weight for so many years and have grown to become hard on myself at times when the scale doesn't reflect the effort. Rosalie asked me what my ultimate goal is. I have decided that it is 44# by my birthday Sept 25, 2011. I have put a date on it and am going to make it happen this time! that is 4# a month....for cryin out loud...that is a DO ABLE goal!!!!I cant wait to see my skinny little self on my next birthday! I have some wonderful friends from high school that I still keep in touch with and we had our 25th reunion in August and we were talking about going on a caribbean cruise next year. We are looking at Aug or late Sept 2011. This girl isnt gonna be embarrassed to be seen in a bathing suit on that trip!! Just sayin...... :)

Have a great weekend!!!!!
Love & Belief


  1. Oh how I love Trader Joes. I am gonna have to check out that bread. I thought I was doing good because I use the Sara Lee delightful 2 slices is 2/1. I agree with you a sandwich is always better with 2 slices instead of 1. I buy a lot of veggies there and whole wheat pasta, they also have a marinara sauce that is pretty low in the sugar. They have some vanilla mints right buy the registars that have approved sweetener in them too and them come in a nice tin like altoids.

  2. HI Sherri, I am definitely gonna get some of that bread tomorrow when I go shopping. I am so proud of you that you set a goal for yourself and for doing this blog.
    These are both very good steps in the direction of seeing your skinny self in the mirror before you know it.
    You Go Girl :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOVE Trader Joe's!!! I miss it so much. We moved a few years ago and our current location does not even have a Trader Joe's nearby that I could drive to. I actually e-mailed them to see if they could put up a store in my new location. I even told them about some local business buildings that were up for sale/rent. Funny, I know, but I desperately want a Trader Joe's to shop at again. They actually did reply and said that they would look into the location/business buildings that I mentioned, but still no Trader Joe's. :( Maybe I should e-mail them again. It's probably been about two years since I last e-mailed them.