Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

Hello to all my "BFC Sisters"!!
How was your Monday? Well, mine was super busy again! We had 58 patients today (a VERY BUSY number!!!) and I usually work 8-4:30 but didnt get out til 5pm! Guess what I've got sittin in my garage tonite?? Uh huh!! I got a pretty ole 2011 Golden Sand Jeep Grand Cherokee tonite!!! Wooooohhhhhhoooooo! I took a picture of it on my phone but dont ask me how to download it!! haha! I will have my kids do it, or better yet, I will take one with my camera later this week & post it. OMG...jus love it!! It is so great to drive a brand new car!!! The look, the feel, the smell......oh, its soooo wonderful!!!!! And I go it for a ridiculous price plus free oil changes for the next 3 years!!!! Can you stand it??!! Uh, hello, I think that dealer needs a Cat Scan!!!! Anyways, so I worked all day, dashed home, ate really quick, cleaned out my car & was at the dealership by 6:05 pm and by 8pm, was driving my new car home!! Its so good to be back in a car again & out of the minivan!! I know you all are gonna think that I have a screw loose for saying this, but did you ever think to yourself "I wonder what kind of home is my old car going to" or is it headed to a parts junkyard? My car was such a good van, very reliable, & I really loved it alot. Kept me & my family safe for many yrs. I hope they get her all cleaned up & prettied again & sell her to a nice family who will appreciate such a good car. Not a thing wrong with it at trade in. Kinda sad to drive away from it. Well, perhaps I have lost my mind for saying that but its how I feel. I kinda was attached to it I guess.

So ok, back to BFC stuff. I ate 1 light english muffin (0/2) and had 1/3 of my omelette that I made yest with almond milk for breakfast. For lunch, I had ham slices (0/0) on 2 slices Trader Joes sprouted ww bread(0/1) with mustard, 1 -6 oz container of Breyers Light raspberry yogurt (7/1) & a few raspberries (8) in it. Sometimes< i just get a hankering for yogurt & I love the breyers light. it has no high fructose corn syrup in it & it tastes great & is a real treat for me to enjoy. I dont eat it every day but when I do I just about lick the container clean!! I LOVE YOGURT!!! Not crazy about the greek yogurt. To me, its just ok. I think its the texture...too thick! ick!!! I had 1 oz of almonds for a snack on the way home from work & then for dinner I had a smart & delicious wrap filled with leftover bbq pulled pork from yesterday. (4/1) It was delicious & I just didnt have time to cook something for dinner tonite with having to sign the paperwork for the car at 6pm so it was one of those moments where I just said to myself, it is what it is & Im eating it. It was worth it...sooooo delish!!! Oh, and I had 10 tortilla chips (0/1) when I came home from the car dealer so that was my menu tonight. I know, no veggies.... still just in that veggie funk o rama! I think I will have a salad tomorrow for lunch. I could use some roughage!

Well dear friends, have a great start of the week!!! Do post your comments & share any thoughts, ideas, good eats & recipes if you have em!!!

Until tomorrow....
Love & belief!


  1. When you get tired of the Golden Sand Jeep send it my way, and I'll take it off your hands Sherri! Lucky Duck... I never owned a new vehicle bought off the lot, but I do enjoy the smell of a new car. Closest I'll ever get, haha. Well busy is good it makes the day go by fast. Take Care of yourself this week, and drive safe.

  2. Sherri, I am so excited for you. Dont you just want to sleep in I remember when I first got mine I wanted to drive it everywhere and clean it all the time. Boy I dont know what happened there. Anyway enjoy it! I am in the same boat as you with the veggies I really need to get some in besides the lettuce I put on my sandwich!

  3. HI Sherri, congrats on the new car. And I am sure the old one will go to a great home. I just know it. Have a great day tomorrow:-)

  4. Diana
    I am having a terrible time trying to post comments on your site. I had a message all typed up and it wont let me post it. What am I doing wrong?? Help!

  5. That's awesome about the new car! I got a new car "to me" (07 Altima Sports Package) back in July and I just love it!!! I think I might be overly obsessed with it sometimes because I always wanna park it far away so no one will scratch it. Of course several rude people already have, so protect that baby of yours ;) hehe!!

    Great job on the BFC menu options for the day. Keep up the great work Sherri, you are such a sweetie for the nice comments you left on my blog. :) (big hugs to you)