Saturday, November 27, 2010

Its Saturday again!!

Hello Friends!

Well, got on the scale today & looks like I am DOWN now...thank goodness!!! Looks like the 2# that I was up yestrday are gone. I know its all water weight. Do any of you find that when you exercise the day before you weigh in, you always weigh in heavier? I am finding that to be true with me. Maybe I wont exercise before weigh ins ..... just sayin...

Lots to do today, cleaning, grocery shopping & decorating for the holidays. I cleaned the bathroom, (2 more to go!) & family room & living room & am getting ready to vacuum the upstairs. I have a pretty big house (3,000+ sq ft)  & let me tell you, had I known what a pain it would be to upkeep, I wouldnt have built one this big. Its no fun cleaning this place!!! Used to have a cleaning lady come in every 2 weeks but that got a bit pricey....but oh.....I miss her!! She was FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all doing great!!

((Skinny Hugs to all my BFC Buds))


  1. I'm glad you are back down again. you know they say, muscle is heavier than fat. Don't forget to breath today. :-)

  2. Sherri-I knew you would be back down. And yes when I exercise I am always up the next day...go figure. I am getting ready to clean my house now to and wish I had a housekeeper. Guess I would not get much exercise then huh? Hope you have a great week and I will be thinking aobut you!

  3. Great Job Sherri!! Your Saturday sounds like my Sunday. Clean clean clean, and for me being the only one that cleans with well what I call very lite help from my hubby, lol! Its just to much cleaning to do. My house is only 2300 sqft but that is even way to much for just me to clean. Plus I have two dogs so the hair to be sweep up is crazy. I totally feel ya girl. :)

  4. Congratulations! I know what you mean about exercise. They say that your body does retain some water after exercising to help with recovery, so you might want to have the day before weigh-in be one of your days off.