Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Sunday to you!!!

Hello to my friends!

This blog is like my new toy and I love making a daily entry. Hope you dont mind me flappin my fingers again! Just got back from Trader Joes and we had a great time!!! My sister and I have no lapses in conversation so it was a fun ride up to Cleveland.
So I bought a total of 11 loaves of TJs sprouted wheat & 7 grain sprouted bread, bought 2 jars of sauce that Diana recomended, and lots of other great little low sugar/low carb finds. The fella who worked there said that the 7 grain sprouted bread was his all time favorite and he said that he loves to make toasted cheese sandwiches with it. I thought to myself....YUM! Toasted Cheese sandwiches!! And I bought 4 loaves of that! Im a pushover I suppose but Im sure its good!

So after we shopped we went to Wendys for lunch. I had only had a bowl of oatmeal w/ a T of chopped walnuts & almond milk so I was very hungry and hadnt had any sugar yet for the day. Wasnt sure what to pick and they have these 1/2 salads now and so I chose the Baja 1/2 salad & unsweetened iced tea. Can I just tell was DELISH!!!! It was greens with chili, guacamole & pico de something on it. They also gave you some dressing (didnt eat it) and a small bag of seasoned taco chips. They had a big chart on the wall with nutritional info on it and my salad was a very good choice for kind of not knowing what to pick. It came out to an S/C value of 7/2. If I didnt add the taco chips it would have only been 7/1 but I thought...what the heck!! It was fantastic and a salad I would give 2 thumbs up to!!!! Worth every bite! My sister had the full size Baja salad & enjoyed hers too.We left with happy  tummies and a car full of great finds. All in all...a really great day!!!!

So I have to make one quick run to my local market for meat for the week & I am good to go! Then back to work tomorrow. So on a side note, as I close here, had to share this. I was laying in bed this morning feeling like my tummy was exceptionally flat & had the urge to jump on the scale. I know...I said I wasnt getting on til Friday, but I just felt compelled to get on that darned thing. So anyways, dont I hop on & it says I am down an additional 2#. Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Feelin hopeful & I hope you are too!!! Heres to the start of yeat another great week!! Gettin closer to getting skinny!!!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!!!


  1. Wow Sherri, down some more - you go girl! You are doing so great! Sounds like you had a great time with your sister. Have a nice rest of the day! :-)

  2. Hi Sherri! Saw your post on Rosalie's blog. Good luck to you as you start this new lifestyle....that's what it has become for me! I've been doing the BFC for about twelve weeks now and have lost almost 30 pounds! You can read my blog here:

  3. Sherri, Sounds like you had a awesome day. I cant wait to have a toasted cheese sandwich myself. Cold weather makes me think of those. Isn't it so much fun to go find BFC items when you shop. My husband thinks I am crazy because it takes us forever in the grocery store but I get excited when I find new and fun things. Great Job on your weight loss!

  4. Thanks girls!!! Susan....I have been following your blog. thanks for the link. you are in my favorites already! :)Oh...and 30# girl?! Post a new picture!!!! That is awesome!! Diana, found the sauce (I think!)Its a 3 cheese marinara sauce with 1 gm sugar, cant recall the carb count but its low. Thanks for the recommendation.:)And to my bud Rosalie....YOU ROCK! To all my new BFC buddies...thanks for allowing me to take this journey with you! Youa re all the best!