Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday night..... Hi all!

Hello to my dear BFC friends!!
How was your Thurs? Mine was super busy from the moment I got up & here I sit...finally able to say a few words. Its late here so I am going to be brief. I had a good day. It is OR nurses week and the surgery center I work for catered a luncheon for all the nurses today. It was antipasto salad & grilled chicken wraps. Yes, I probably could have had one, but i chose not to. I had my ham & swiss on TJs sprouted wheat bread, raspberrries & cucumbers with ranch...and it was delicious and satisfying! Didnt feel like i was missing out on a thing! I got home @ 5pm & can I tell you....Man was I starving!!!!! There was some BBQ potato chips left in a bag & I started eating them. Thankfully, the bag was almost gone & the sugar was only 1 gm per serving so that made me feel better for indulging in them. I made 3 Trader Joes chicken tenders & dipped them in ranch (I sound like Rachels blog...deep fried in ranch!! Man I LOVE LOVE LOVE RANCH dressing and NOT the lowfat garbage...I eat the real stuff guilt free!! Its very low in sugar & oh so delightful!!! Sorry...I think I was drooling! lol) I also had a pure protein bar because I just had to have something chocolatey. It is only 2gms sugar & 1 carb serving. So I actually ate 3 carb servings with dinner but I ate all 6 & no more & my sugars were 14gms today. I know you are supposed to not eat more than 2 serving of carb per meal, but I just had to have something sweet tonite. I could have done worse damage for sure so I am proud of my pure protein option as opposed to other choices I could have the vanilla oreos....oh, be still my heart! But I dont need them anymore. I just miss them a an old (oh boy...time for me to hit the hay...Im getting "squirrely" here!)
Well, tomorrow is weigh in day so I will let you know where I am this 2nd week of the BFC. My porr daughter...she is sick tonight with a 103 fever. I have a feeling she wont be going to school tomorrow....poor baby. Fevers are so draining!
Nitey nite my friends!!


  1. HI Sherri, you should be very proud of yourself for passing that food at work. I hope your daughter feels better soon. :-)

  2. Hey Sherri, I am so proud of you. You made some great choices and you have had a tough week too! Just think what kind of choices you could have made. It takes time to change some bad habits and you are on the right track. Hope your daughter feels better soon! I just got over that nasty stomach flu and it drained me. Cant wait to hear about your weigh in!

  3. Good for you! The cold has been making its round with us as well. My daughter had a 102 fever last night, and will be staying home today as well. I always worry that the bug will make a second round because of how quickly they mutate. So, we're all holding our breath now hoping that it ends with her.