Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Hello once againto all  my BFC Buds!!

How is your day going? I am feeling much better today. I have achilles tendonitis in both feet and working 4 days this week nearly killed me!!! I was in such agony last night and was in tears from it. Made it difficult to do the bday party for my daughter but I managed & my husband was a big help. He let me go to bed after the skating party was over & I put my feet on a pillow with the heating pad & that does bring some relief. I almost contemplated taking a Tylenol w/ codeine that was left over from some dental surgery last year but I hate to take anything more than motrin or the anti inflammatory pills I take for the tendonits so I just went to bed. I went through very aggressive physical therapy 3x week over the summer as well as injections in the fat pads of both feet (they cant inject the achilles tendon cuz it could rupture it so they inject the surrounding tissues & it infiltrates the area) and got in relatively under control but I am having a flare up lately and with my job, as much as I love it, I have to be on my feet most of the time so @ the end of the day I can barely do anything but rest my "dogs" when I get home. May need to see the foot Dr again for some of that "liquid gold" he injects. Sorry if I was whiney last night in my post. Hard to be happy when your feet hurt.

So....we had pizza for dinner last night. My hubby bought 4 Papa Johns pizzas for the kids (9 of em slept over!) and I decided to only cut one bite & eat that, and I successfully did it and didnt take another bite! Rosalie, are you proud of that one? You are the "one bite" queen of the BFC Buds!! I was totally ok with the one bite too. Actually, it wasnt that great either. What I am finding is that some foods just dont taste as good as they used to. Do any of you find that too? So get this one....hows this for a Small Victory? I LOVE COCONUT!!! I mean I LOVE IT!!!  I have had 2 snack size almond  joy candy bars that were leftover from Halloween from my kids trick or treating (nobody else likes coconut in my house so they always make me eat anything w/ it in it) sitting on my dresser for over a week....and I have NO DESIRE to touch them!! Uh, that is the craziest thought ever!!! efore BFC, they wouldnt have been in the house 15 minutes!! So I am feeling a bit proud of those small little victories despite having a week where I gained. Last night for dinner I had a small taco salad w/ some taco chips (10 of them) and then for dessert I had a piece of Lisa gingerbread cake and I was happy as a clam!! They had DQ ice cream cake & I didnt even have a lick!!! I am super proud of that too cuz Geez Louise, who doestn like DQ cake...right?!! lol.

So that was my evening last night. Today has been busy but laid back. Weird huh? I met my sister this morning & then did some banking & ran to Wal Mart for a few things....($80+ later!!) . Cut up some fresh boneless chicken into cubes & dipped in egg beaters & oven fry coating & baked in pan coated in olive oil...ohhhh soooo delicious!! I cut up 3 chicken breasts & it made alot + enough for leftovers. Oven Fry is soooooo good and very BFC friendly too. If you havent tried it yet, get some!! It is way better than shake & bake & my family loves it!!!! I had 5 homemade chicken nuggets, dipped them in 2T real ranch dressing & Then I made some Trader Joes potato wedges (0/1) for 3 oz serving plus some corn for the family & green beans for me, which I was too full to eat the beans!! That was my supper. So good! :)

Well girls, I do hope you are all having a great day!!! Keep in touch!! I love our little group!!! You are all the best!!!
(Fuzzy Hugs!))


  1. I'm sorry that your feet are hurting. That sounds horribly painful. I've heard of people's tendons being blown out from direct injections. How scary. I'm so glad to hear that you have a doctor smart enough to know not to do that to you.

  2. Sherri, So sorry about the feet. I know how bad that can hurt. I work in physical therapy and see many patients with that. Do you stretch them too? Helps but hurts a lot. I am going this week to get a injection in my elbow which I suffer from bad tendonitis, so I feel your pain. I am so proud of you for doing so great on your diet. I know you will see some great results...Just hang in there sister! Have a great weekend! I am still trying to figure out what kind of pumpkin dessert I want to make for Thanksgiving.

  3. Hi Sherri,
    I work on concrete floors 8hr. a day and my achilles started to give me so much trouble, and I was limping into work on a daily basis for 3 month. I never ever had this problem before and it is not fun! I decided to heal myself since hearing Cortizon can make the problem worse down the line. Now that I've lost 17 lb. and sleeping with socks on (cold feet, warm heart) my ankle has improved 95%. The bump on my heal is not so tender to the touch anymore, and not so prominent (it is slowly disappearing). I'm not even sure what I have is called achilles tendonitis. My co-workers told me to go to the foot specialist but in my case I wanted to try and lose weight first, eat healthier, and now the pain is almost gone. You're so young, I hope you shake this soon... A little side note: Instead of being tempted by those Almond Joys (suger enemies), I whipped up my own concoction last week using 1/2 cup semi sweet choc. chips (look for 4 grams), a few tbls. of whipping cream melted in a saucepan, and then add MacNuts, and unsweetened dry, grounded coconut!. Put the clusters on saranwrap on a plate, and then put in the refrigerator. Put in a baggie when they are hardened. They are so good but only eat one cluster a day! Have a great week!

  4. As a fellow coconut lover, I completely understand. Okay, Kasey and Sherri, here is a Almond Joy recipe that we can try as well. It looks fantabulous!