Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Edition~ Car Buying Nightmare!

Hello once again to my BFC Buds!!

What a busy day today was!! Its 7:30 EST as I sit here writing this & it is the first I have had the chance to sit down. So, my post will be a smidge off topic of BFC ...but just for a bit so bear with me uno momento.

So I have been driving a minivan for the last 14 years and I told my husband lasst year that I wanted to trade it in for a car or SUV. He lost his job without notice last April and told me when he found permanent employment again that I could trade my van in. He got permanent employment in March of this yr but has been giving me a hard time about trading my car in saying we cant afford it. So I have been really kind of bugging the hell out of him lately and got him to finally we went out car shopping today. I want a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I REALLY want an Acura MDX but hey, I will settle for a Jeep! Anyways, the car dealer we love & have bought our last 2 cars from just couldnt come into our ball park so we did some shopping around today & can I just tell you...I am MENTALLY exhausted!! What is it with buying a new car...gosh I hate it!! The high pressure!!!!!Our last dealer was so laid back, no pressure whatsoever & today...Ive never seen so much pressure!! We went to 3 dealerships today & I am a very even keeled calm person but this one salesman today made me so mad I had to walk out. I told my husband that I would NEVER buy a car from him!!! He was complaining about walking all the way to end end of the lot to see the car I wanted to see & then when I told him I had already test drove one & that I didnt need to drive it he told me that it was a "waste of time"....I thought to myself..."really"???!! I mean are you fricken serious?? Anyways, 6 hrs of that crap but I think I am finally gonna get my Jeep Grand Cherokee!!! It is a beautiful Golden Sand color, a 2011 model that has nice features. Not super loaded but enough to make me a happy camper. I just need air, power locks & a CD player  & thats about it. Im easy to please! This car has more than that & I love it!!! The last dealer we went to today the salesman was OMG SOOOO SOOOO PUSHY it was nauseating!! What gives?! He made us an offer that was the best I could ever hope for but they wanted us to sign on the spot & we are not that type of people. We need to sit on it. I told him the best thing he could do would be to let us sleep on it & we will get back to him on Monday. He said this is a NOW offfer....TODAY we said thank you and walked out. They dont like it when you do that cuz  as we were walking to our car, he yells to us that his sales manager wants to speak with us. Im thinkin....Oh boy!! They were literally chasing us down in the parking lot!! So we listened to the schpeel & blah blah blah he had to say & he made us an even better price!!! Its a little more that what we wanted to spend but for the vehicle, my trade whcih they arent giving us as much as we would like...but they never do, 3 yrs of free oil changes & a 2011 Grand Cherokee for 25k out the door, I think we are gonna take it! Hopefully they will be reasonable on Monday when we call to say we will buy it. Who knows, they may change their minds on the price but they seem pretty desperate to deal so we are gonna jump on the opportunity. I think we will kick ourselves if we pass it up.What do you all think?? A good deal??? Grand Cherokees start @ $32,900 up here..

So, amidst our car shopping my husband & I stopped @ Subway & had lunch. There were no good restaurants on the way & I feel like Subway is a decent choice. I had a 1/2 of the turkey & ham & provolone sub on whole wheat with lettuce, tomato, pickles & olives & salt & pepper. It was delish! S/C of 7/3 (yikes) but I only had oatmeal w/ walnuts (0/1) & almond milk (0/0) for breakfast so I "spent" my other carb serving @ lunch. I did have some bbq pulled pork for dinner that was 4gms of sugar per serving & I had more than I should have & I had it on a bun. I was soooo hungry & I had some chips(0/1) to go with it too. So I definitely went over what I should have today but I was just hungry & too darned tired to fix something else. No veggies tonite, just not in the mood for them. I think the stress of this darned car ordeal had me all riled up & by the time I got home, I just wanted to eat. Perhaps a little stress eating came into play today....I am still moving forward. So yes, not a perfect day by any means, but I did my best to manage considering my resources available. Tomorrow will be better, Im sure. We will have these days from time to time & this is my first real "flub".

So tomorrow is another busy day for me. I am a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics and it is my Annual Holiday Open house tomorrow. I do 2 BIG sales each year but this by far is my biggest one of the year and my customers cant wait for it! I love to offer them a discount as my way of saying "thank you" for their business. I can tell you one thing....this girl would NEVER EVER pressure a customer like we were pressured today!!! I even told the salesman that I am a businesswoman & I know that being pushy with people is not the answer to repeat business. His reply was "this is how its done". I couldnt disagree more! Ok, I am stepping down from my soapbox now. Sorry if I sounded like I was on a rant about the car thing. I will be glad when its all over & that snazzy new car is sitting in my garage. Shall I post a picture with it?? :) I think I my Levis that I love so much, even though they are still a bit snug...but not for much longer!!!!

Have a FANTABULOUS day my friends!! I always look forward to hearing from you all. I was reading Jorges Facebook posts last night. many unhappy people there!!! He is gonna lose his following if he doesn't intervene soon & answer their questions. Oh boy!!! The natives are getting restless!! I feel like our little blogging community of friends is like a safe negativity. Just positive, encouraging posts from people who truly care. I know I dont know you all personally, cant see you other than your pictures, but I feel like I "know" you all.....its like a wonderful sisterhood, and we all care about one another & eveyone is welcome & "belongs". Anyone wanna sing "Kumbaya" with me now? lol!!!

Goodnite dear friends! Have a wonderful evening!!!

Love & Belief!


  1. I am so excited for you! Having a new car and the smell of a new car...ahhh. We bought our Jeep about 5yrs ago and I love it. The sales man took my car keys hostage and I thought I was gonna have to call on the big guys to get them back. I cant wait to see a picture of it. It is a shame that Jorge does not seem to care about his FB followers. You would think he would have someone try and respond to people. Could be all about the money huh? Glad we all have each other...the sister's of the tight (for now)

  2. congrats on the new car!!!!! i do love our little blogging group and the support we get from each other! we need more people here!

  3. Oh Diana!! What an awesome name for our Blogging group!! Sisterhood of the Tight (but soon to be loose) pants!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Susan...couldnt agree more about our support group. I tried getting to know people on the weight watchers blog last year but there were so many mean spirited people there. IF you werent one of the popular "posters" they wouldnt give you the time of day. I have felt accepted here in our blogging world since the get go! Thanks to all. LEts get teh word out to people who may need a little encouragement & help. When you pay it forward it always comes back to bless you tenfold! Good nite girls!!

  4. Congrats on the new car, how exciting. Ditto for our group name, Sisterhood of the Tight Pants, love it!!! Are any of you on twitter? Maybe we could get more people envolved that way?

  5. Car Salesmen who pressure are the worse! Have fun on your big day tomorrow and meet lots of people and sell! I like the name too. It's funny about Jorge's F.B. questions. Most of the answers are in his books, and it seems like that is why he ask those questions. I think a lot of folks may not have his books. The more one reads it, the more one finds the answers.

  6. How exciting for you to be getting a new car. I've been driving a minivan forever too. I just mentioned to my husband the night before last that as soon as our van bites the dust I want to buy a car. We don't need the van as much now that our kids are older. My focus is buying a car that has a great crash rating and good gas mileage. I will be happy to have something smaller to drive. I'm looking forward to seeing you standing next to your new car in your Levi's!

  7. HI Sherri,

    congrats on the new car! I wish I could get a new one too. I know u already know this - but you should try to stay at 5 sugars and 2 servings of carbs per meal. I know its hard sometimes.
    But on the fanpage of Jorge. I have been on there since I started and there used to be like 20 posts per hour and now nothing. I think he already lost most of them.
    So here we are - our little group.
    If we stick together - We CAN do this!
    Have a great day! :-)

  8. Don't worry about "your little flub" sometimes it will help you jump start your weight loss. I know I've had days when I thought I really messed up only to find out the next day I lost three pounds. I believe it's called weight confusion your body gets use to the way your eating and slows down the weight loss, then one day of giving it something you don't normally eat starts the weight loss again, so don't be hard on yourself, it just might help in the long run. I've been doing this since april,2010 and have lost 70# so far still have a long way to go. So thanks for blogging it's great to know we are not alone. Read you later sister!

  9. Oh my gosh Sherri, we went car shopping Saturday too, what a trip, i know what you mean, I didn't come home with anything, looking for a Enclave or Traverse. Can you believe how expensive they are!!! Kasey, i think that's the problem too with a lot of people not reading the book. I think i've read over that book 10 times now! We will always be together sisters!!!