Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Post....Weigh in Edition!!!

Hello Friends!
Well, not happy to report this, but I had a feeling....I weighed in 2# UP today!! What gives??!! I barely ate anything for dinner lsat night, passed up fabulous food @ the party, I only had a few tortilla chips & a couple dips of fresh salsa & a diet pepsi. I know, youre not supposed to drink diet pop! I do bend that rule a bit, I must confess. I feel like I am giving up my fruit & yogurt etc, so I havent kicked the diet pop completely. I have cut down drastically!!! I feel like somebody popped my balloon! I know many of you have had occasional gains & I know this will happen but I feel so frustrated & feel once again like "what am I trying so hard for?" Its not getting me anywhere". Pity party of one going on here, sorry to say. I will get over it & move on but I just need to vent about it.

I have been feeling very emotional lately, crying at the drop of a hat & feeling a bit blue. I am probably ovulating or something like that but I hate this up & down rollercoaster of emotions & I am ready to get off the ride, thank you very much! My pants dont feel looser & although I feel good, I cant put my finger on it, but I feel just down in the dumps the past few days. Ok, I will get off my soapbox now. thank you for listening.

Well, I have a bunch of 12 yr olds coming over in a hour for pizza & ice cream cake, then they are off to ice skating. My daughter is excited about it and I need to collect myself & put on a happy face. Sorry that this isnt  an upbeat post. Its just been one of those days.

I hope you are all doing great!! Have a wonderful evening!

((Skinny Minnie Hugs to all of you!!)) Thanks for listening.


  1. {{{{{HUGS}}}}}

    It's okay. Have a good cry later on and get all that stress and sad feelings out. You're right, we all have up weeks for no apparent reason. It could be water weight, not having gone #2 recently, hormones, our monthly visitor, illness, etc. Sometimes there just seems to be no reason. For reasons that only our body knows, it feels the need to hold onto that extra fat temporarily. Hang in there. You know that with time your weight will continue to go down. Keep yourself focused on that.

  2. ((hugs)) Sherri, I am a pound this week and I thought I was doing well, but I think its water retention due to my time of the month next week. Don't feel too done, keep of trucking along. ITs what we gotta do so we don't get feeling to said. Sometimes a good cry helps, but I had one a couple days ago due to my weight and sometimes its just not worth it. But hugs and love to ya girl!! Your going to look fabulous, but you already do!

  3. Sherry...I am sorry. I know how you feel when you do everything under the sun to lose. I had a 6lb gain in one week and thought I was going to cry. But the next week it came off with a loss. So hang in there our bodies hard to figure out sometimes. It could be that you did not eat enough too! That is what happens to me sometimes as well. And I know you know about that does hold some water on you too! Okay have a great weekend enjoy your little girls party and dont be so hard on yourself.

  4. Hi Sherri, I have blogged about that very same thing many- many times. I know it's sooo hard to not feel bad about it. As women we are so emotional. It's REALLY not the end of the world, it just feels like it. May you should go and watch a movie with lots of sad parts and then when you're crying, just tell them its from the movie and they will just think you're weird. I hope you have a great weekend and call me if you want. :-)

  5. Thanks girls. I appreciate all your sweet words. Feeling a bit sad for some other reasons tonite...not weight related. Its ok though....and I will be ok so no worries. Just need to work through it.

  6. Our bodies love to play tricks on us, i gained 5 lbs. this past summer and almost lost it. You'll be fine, we'll all be here for you!! BIG HUG !!!!