Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recipe swap!!

Please feel free to share any great "Belly Good" recipes Below & be sure to include the S/C values for your fellow Sisters!!

Bon appetite!

Broccoli Salad

4 cups washed/chopped broccoli florets (8/2)
1/2-1lb shredded cheddar cheese (I think 1 cup would be plenty) (0/0)
1 small onion chopped (4/1) (**Recipe calls for red onion. I dont care for alot of onion in anything so I would not personally use an entire onion)
1/2- 1 # turkey bacon, cook & crumble (0/0)
(I use Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon & pan fry it on my electric skillet & it comes out perfect!!!)

1/2 c mayonnaise (0/0)
1 Tablespoon Vinegar (0/0)
6 packets Truvia (0/0)
Mix, wait & stir again.

In a large bowl mix sauce with broccoli, cheese, onion & bacon. Toss well & refrigerate.
Makes 8- 1/2 cup servings.
S/C value for total recipe   12/3
S/C per 1/2 cup serving  1.5/0
S/C per 1 cup serving  3/1

Seven Layer Salad

1 head of iceberg lettuce, washed & torn into small pieces (1 c. iceberg lettuce = S/C 1/0
Im not sure how many cups 1 head of lettuce yields so you will have to measure. I am going to say one head yields 6-8 cups as a guesstimate so I will calaculate 8/1 for the lettuce)
1 cup celery, chopped (2/0)
4 hard boiled eggs, diced (0/0)
1.5 cups frozen peas (12/2)
3-4 scallion green onions, chopped (0/0)
8 slices cooked turkey bacon, crumbled (0/0)

1 1/2 C- 2 C mayonnaise + 1-2 packets Truvia (0/0) (use 2 pkts for 2c mayo, 1 pkt for 1 1/2 c mayo)
4 oz shredded cheddar cheese (0/0) (I use Sargento Light Mild cheddar)

Mix mayo & Truvia together. Layer vegetable ingredients in order of recipe in a large Tupperware or your favorite serving bowl but make sure its a big container.  Spread mayo layer over & top with cheese. Refrigerate & serve.
This recipe makes ALOT!!! One recipe is enough to serve 15-20 guests. I have a big family of 20 + & there is always lots leftover!

S/C for the entire recipe 26/3
I am guesstimating this value the best I can here. The total carbohydrate count for the entire recipe, taken from Jorge's BFC Sugar & Carb Counter is 59 gms carbohydrate. (By cutting the recipe into 1/15 each serving would be 2/0. (3.93 gms carb which is under 4gms so the carb count would count as zero.)
 Thats what I will be counting it as on Thanksgiving.
This recipe is a family favorite & soooo sooo yummy!!! Enjoy!!

Please share your favorite recipes!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing some recipes that look really yummy. I have a blogger that I follow that is low carb I think could fit into our BFC life style I will try and remember to post it for you.

  2. Here is her thanksgiving ideas you should be able to get to her blog then too.

  3. Yum, thanks for the recipes.

  4. Are you going to add a tag to your recipe posts? That way we will be able to easily go back and find any recipe that you've shared. Just a thought. :)

  5. Minichick...How do I tab this??? I am not blogger savvy.

  6. When you originally make your post, at the very bottom there is a tab box for you to type in whatever words you want in relation to the post so that the post can be tagged (linked) with those words. The tag word list will then be listed to the side of your blog. If you have already posted, you can just hit the pencil icon at the bottom of your post to bring you back to the edit page, go to the bottom, and type in your tag words in the tag box, and then hit publish. Your post will re-publish with your new tags. I hope that made sense.

  7. I keep saying tag, but it's also referred to as label.