Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Good Morning to all my friends!!

I havent blogged in a few days...just havent been inspired to say anything. How pathetic, huh? Im not feeling any thinner, I was on the scale yest & it said I was on this morning...up 2#!!!!What gives??!! Tired of eating the same things & have bended the rules a bit over the past week. Im so tired of this being such a struggle. Why cant this be just a little bit easier for me?? Why do I always have to work 10x harder than anyone else to lose a pound? I just dont get it. Perhaps Im just having a bit of a pity party here....perhaps. But its how I feel. All I want is to get into the 190s by the end of the year. Its 8# away. What is wrong with me? I do have an underactive thyroid but I take synthroid & I had my bloodwork done 4 months ago. I dont think its that. I havent been exercising much because the heels hurt so much, but many have lost without exercising at all. So I just dont know. Im just frustrated.

Ok, Im done now. So its Thanksgiving. One of my most favorite holidays...not because of the wonderful food, but because of the meaning & the joining of family. I love that! I made some pumpkin custard & I am gonna enjoy a piece of it later tonight. It is made like pumpkin pie but has no crust & you make it with sugar substitute & fat free evaporated milk. It has some sugars in it, but I want the experience of having a slice of pumpkin pie today. It will be good for the soul!! Just took them out of the oven...they smell wonderful! My mom is making a wonderful dinner & I made my 7 layer salad to take also. I am going to have turkey, a little stuffing to taste, a little mashed potatoes & some salad & green beans & a small pc of pumpkin custard for dessert.Thats my menu & Im sticking to it. We decided to scale back on the dinner this year because my sister & I are trying to lose weight so it should be manageable. I am headed to the gym to work out too. My feet are only moderately sore today so I am gonna get 1/2 in on the elliptical. I need to go. It will make me feel better.

I do hope each one of you have a wonderful thanksgiving!! What a great sisterhood we have & I am thankful to each one of you...Rosalie, Diana, Minichick, Kasey, Susan, Lindsey & Lisa (and if I missed anyone too!!) for always being there to offer kind words and support in this journey. I promise I wont stay away a long time again!! Enjoy this wonderful day with your families and know that I am thankful for my BFC sister family!!!!

Love to all!!!


  1. Happy Turkey Day back to you Sherri! Hope you're hanging loose with your loved ones and basking in all their love! You can loose 8 lb. in 6 weeks to reach your goal... You're probably just getting a hard body with those workouts, and you already know muscle weighs more than fat. Don't turn in your gloves yet girl, you keep fighting for you and your sister at every challenge to lose those stubborn pounds. Picture what 8 lb. look like, well that's the size of a whole baby wrapped around your little ol beating heart. It's slowing you down girl... You'll be happier without it, and your feet will be too! So like you, I am chugging up this same tough hill pulling my 13 lb goal time Whew!

  2. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    About your weight, one thing I mentioned before that I need to do because of my hypothyroid is to fast on occasion. With our slower metabolism, sometimes we need to give our body a chance to catch up with itself. So, when I'm feeling like my digestion is backed up, so to speak, I fast for a day so that I'm not putting even more food into it and making things worse. You know, that feeling like your just not digesting very well, and things feel really sluggish and slow? So, maybe when you're feeling like that you can take a break with a fast day and give your body a break. It's really hard to lose weight when you have a lot of food in your body that it's just not metabolizing efficiently. It's equivalent to overeating and your body taking the excess food and storing it as fat because it can't use it all up at that time. Too much food is too much food for your body, whether it's because you've eaten too much or your metabolism is limping along and just can't process the food quickly enough so there's more there than what is needed at the moment. Sorry so wordy, but I hope that made sense.

    I had the same problem as you when I lost my weight previously, until I figured this out. I would try and try to lose weight and I would not lose a pound in over a month. I was so frustrated at time that I felt like it was pointless even trying. This was one of the reasons that it took me so long to lose the weight because it took me several years to figure out what worked best for me. Once I figured that out, I started losing weight consistently. My weight loss is still relatively slow, but it does move now. I think slow metabolism, and making adjustments for that, is just something we have to accept with having hypothyroidism. Taking the medication doesn't make all the symptoms go away, but it does help tremendously.

  3. Hi Sherri, I hope you and everyone else had a good Thanksgiving.
    I have felt like you do many times. As you know, I have been doing this for 10 months now. The one reason that I have lost as much as I have is that I never quit or stopped.
    Even though it does get a bit boring at times and occasionally I feel a bit left out when everyone else is eating all that great stuff.
    Just keep trying it girl! Once we are at our goal weights, we can start eating a few of that other stuff once in a while.

    Chin -up! Go shopping! lots of sales :-)