Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Its Tuesday....

Hello  BFC "Sisters"!!!

Well, yet another busy day @ work & didnt get out til 5pm. It is my daughters 12th birthday today & I wanted to run to buy her a little cake for her special day so I ran to the grocery store after work to buy a small cake & some ice cream. She will be thrilled!! I WILL NOT be eating any, not even a bite!! The truth is, I have NO DESIRE whatsoever to even have a bite. Holy cow!! Did those words just come out of my mouth (or off my fingertips?)??? Its true!!!  Prior to the BFC, I too would have wanted a big ole chunk of that baby....but not anymore. I am finding my desire for sweets has really subsided since following this plan, something I NEVER dreamed would ever happen!! I love sweets.....I mean I LOVE LOVE LOVE SWEETS!! It has always been the best part of any meal to me and now, I dont really care anymore. What happened?? I do have a little sugar free Edys ice cream. We dont have Clemmys up here & I refuse to pay over $32 to ship Clemmys ice cream that is 5.99/qt. No way Jose!! I know that the sweetner isnt "legal" in BFC land but you know what....I dont really care. I am losing weight and inches & if a small bowl of it in the eve satisfys my desire for a treat from time to time, well so be it! Just my 2 cents....some may not agree with me but its ok. Im not perfect. The Edys sugarfree ice cream is an S/C of 4/1 per 1/2c & I usually buy the butter pecan flavor & add a few extra nuts. Its delightful!

So yes, 12 yrs ago, I was having a baby....actually, she is already officially 12. I had her @ 2:22 in the afternoon & she was (and still is) such a precious little girl!!! She reminds me that she is a "pre teen" & will officially be a teenage next year!! Where did the time go?? I feel like just yesterday that I had her. She was so tiny...7# 2oz. She is now in the 6th grade & weighs a whole 90# soaking wet. Shes tall thin & lovely young lady. Her name is Rachel which is Hebrew for "little lamb" & it fits her perfectly!!! She is beautiful, kind, sweet, smart & lovable, gentle spirited &  my cuddler!!! She just got home from swimming practice now & she informed me that she wants cake!! lol. She has to eat some soup before she has cake so I will finish up here & then go sing to my baby girl. I also remember that I weighed 232 # the day I delivered. ((Sigh)) I love kids but am grateful for the 2 beautiful daughters God has blessed me with & I am grateful that I dont have to ever be pregnant again!! Its a wonderous time in your life & one that I will always cherish & be thankful for but it is very hard on the body & I remember crying in the Drs office every time I had to get on the scale. I gained 55# with each pregnancy...not fun!!! IT was very depressing to look at those numbers going up @ every Dr visit and I vowed to NEVER see that number again!!

So in closing, I have to tell you what happened today at work. We have a wonderful female plastic surgeon who comes to the surgery center I work at. She and I were the only 2 in the locker room this morning (fate?) and I said to her..."you know, I was wondering if you could look at my appendectomy scar & tell me if you could revise it?" I showed her the scar & she said that it is all below the belly button & she would be happy to fix it! I told her my plans of losing 44-50# by my next bday & that I wanted to come & see her about a tummy tuck/scar revision. She told me to lose the weight (her words were to "deflate" my belly...lol! I wish I could deflate it!!!) & we can do the surgery. She said it is a life changing surgery & I will be so happy with the results. Oh, and she said she offers nurses a great discount too!!!Can I just tell you....I feel like I have my fire "fueled" with a purpose now!! All these yrs I have always wondered if it could be revised & now that I know that it can, I am so excited!!!!!!!!!I have always dreamed of having a flat tummy. I have lived my entire life with this disfigurement & I told my husband tonight that I am going to have the surgery to have it fixed next yr. as my bday present. I know its not an easy surgery but I know the closer I can get to my ideal body weight, the better the results will be and I am going to make that happen!!! As I said in an earlier post, no matter how much weight I lose, the only rememdy to fix my belly will be to  have the scar removed & a tummy tuck. I used to care what people would think if I got one....would they think Im "shallow" or vain?? But they dont know what its like to have lived with this scar.....and frankly, now I really dont care what they think anymore!! I am going to do this for ME!!! I am gonna buy me some sexy panties from Victorias Secret!!!! I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Makes me want to try even harder!!!! Hope that wasnt TMI again.....Thanks for listening.

So thats my day! How was yours?? I hope you are all well & staying true to your BFC plan, & if you had a hard day, remember tomorrow is a new day and you get to start over , hit the reset button & wipe the slate clean!!!

Good nite & sleep tight my "sisters"!!! You are all the Best!!!!!

Love & Belief!


  1. It's great you know someone that will take good care of you and do your surgery. That may be the hardest part now days. Sounds like it will make you happy, feel sexy, and I think we all need that in our lives! Happy Birthday to Rachel!

  2. Sherri, Your post always bring a big smile to my face. I hope your daughter had a happy 12th birthday! I am so jealous of you....I want a tummy tuck after I lose this weight. I have always had a tummy and even when I lose weight it is still there. I might have to look you up when I decide to have one...lol.

  3. Hi Sherri,
    I hope your daughter had a great birthday! I know what its like to feel bad about yourself in one way or another. I think that the surgery will be a good option for you after you finish losing the weight. Can you imagine how great you will look??
    Have a great day! :-)

  4. Thanks girls!!! Rachel had a great bday & she & her sister already ate 1/2 of it!! Yikes! Its a small cake so Im not stressing over it. Thanks for your support on the tummy tuck. I have wanted one for YEARS now & I feel like I am ready to do this now. Truly, dont know what it would be like to not look down at this scar & to have a flat tummy. I know it will be a life altering experience! And Diana...you can always look me up!!! (((Hugs))

  5. Sorry I'm late replying, but happy birthday to your daughter.

    I can understand you wanting to get your tummy fixed. Whether or not it's vanity I think depends on the person and their reasoning. It doesn't sound like your being vain in the negative understanding of the word. You want to have a bad scar fixed and look as nice as you can for your husband in the process.

    I struggle with whether or not to have my diastasis (separation of the stomach muscles) fixed. I've had it looked at by a surgeon to make sure that I wasn't beginning to herniate but he said that it looked good. The issue is that insurance won't pay for it because they consider it a cosmetic surgery even though it can cause definitely physical problems. So, either we fork out the money to have the surgery done now (within the next couple of years) to prevent problems from occurring in the future, or wait until a problem pops up and have the insurance pay for it. You would be amazed at how many problems can arise from this issue...hernia, back problems, intestinal problems, bowel problems, urinary problems. So, do I wait for things to get worse, or do I go ahead and just get the surgery done now before things get worse? I figure that if they are going to be repairing the diastasis, it would be nice to have a tummy tuck at the same time. I mean, they are already going to have me cut open, so why not just cut a little bit of the extra skin of while they're at it? Know what I mean? For me, aside from my health, I would be doing it for my hubby. Absolutely nobody else would be seeing my tummy even after surgery. I would never wear a bikini or anything like that.

    As far as VS, I don't think it was TMI. You weren't vulgar when sharing your thoughts and feelings about how any woman just wants to feel pretty and wear something feminine. I pass by their store every Wednesday and each time I think about the day that I'll be going in there and buying something that makes me feel really beautiful. I really look forward to that day as well.