Friday, November 12, 2010

ITs Friday!!! Weigh in Day!!!!!!

Good morning to my BFC Buds!

Well, today is the day....time to officially weigh in  and I am happy to report (drumroll please.....) a 2.5 # loss this week!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooooo!!!! That makes my total 4# in 2 weeks....and I shall take it, thank you very much!! Not too bad for not exercising @ all. I do need to get back on that wagon again as I do feel 100% better when my body gets that O2 a revving through my veins!!

So, as I posted last night on Rosalies blog in concurrment with Mary's comment....this number is just that....a NUMBER. Nothing more! It is not what is defining me....or who I am...or where I am going. I will be under 200# and in "Onederland" (as Diana says) by Christmas. It is my gift to myself this year! A great gift, huh? Ive never given myself that kind of "gift" and it is one that I cannot wait to receive!!  Actually, as I think about it, I am down a total of 11# since March. I was at my highest nonpregnant weight ever....embarrassed to say it but we are all friends here...I weighed 218.5. I remember seeing that number on the scale & bursting into tears. I delivered both my children at the same weight...232. That was 14 & 12 yrs ago and I thought to myself, there is NO FRIGGEN WAY I am EVER gonna weight that much again, especially being NON PREGNANT! So I currently weigh 207.5 as of this morning. I started the BFC @ 213.5 on Oct 30, 2010. I havent been in the 190s since 2004. I had breast reduction surgery in April of 2004 and I weighed 192. Isnt it funny how we remember these quirky little things? But as I look back on pictures of myself then, while I was still heavy, I looked so much better. I wore a size 16. I am currently wearing an 18 but they are starting to fit more comfortably. My face is pretty thin for the most part (as are my legs & ankles...haha!) I carry the majority of my weight in my belly and torso area.

I feel so great lately and I want to share with you some of the things that I have noticed a difference in.

#1~ I feel so good all the time!! I feel in control of my eating and I am not daydreaming about my next meal, which is all that I did while on weight watchers! All I thought about was cooking, baking lowfat cookies & tracking every bite that I ate & feeling disappointed at the end of the day when I was still hungry & out of points. Now mind you, I am in NO WAY bashing weight watchers. They are a wonderful organization & have helped so many people to get to their goal weight. After MANY attempts at trying to make it work, I have finally realized, their program is not the right fit for my life. It is working for my sister and always has worked great for her. Not gonna try to put any more energy into figuring out why it isnt a good fit for me. I LOVE the BFC and it has become a part of my life now. I dont feel bloated @ the end of the day which I ALWAYS felt eating all those carbs & hidden sugars. I would venture to guess that I was eating well over 150gms of sugar a day & 15 servings of carbs a day. Just a guess though.

#2~ I can SEE a difference in the way my belly looks. I have never had a pretty tummy. I had an emergency appendectomy when I was 3 yrs old and I have a GIGANTIC UGLY scar next to my belly button that is just plain no other word to describe it ugly! It is disfiguring and no matter how much weight I do lose, the only corrective measure I will be able to do is to have it removed via tummy tuck. But I am alive because of that life giving surgery that I had so many years ago, and I am grateful to be here. That scar is a part of who I am and I have carried it with me a lifetime...but I would love to be able to wear "pretty" underwear. I have never been able to do that in my life and I would just love to ditch the support panties that I have to wear to smooth out my scar (was that TMI that i juat told you?? lol...sorry!) & trade them in for a sexy pair from Victorias Secret! Heck....maybe when I hit my goal, I'll buy me a THONG!!!! hahahahaha!!! Ok, well lets not get too carried away now! But anyways, what I am saying is....I can see & feel the diffenrece in my belly. My waist measurement was 43" when I started & it is now 41" and I am measuring about an inch less around my belly button area. so 3 inches in 2 weeks, not too shabby!

#3~ My clothes are starting to feel better. I have a pr of Levis that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I have not been able to wear them in over a yr. I could zip them up but couldnt sit in them comfortably & my belly fat roll would ooze over the waistband. I still have a little ooze but not like before & I can totally wear them & sit in comfort.....not like sweatpants but when I get into ONEDERLAND before Christmas they are gonna feel great! Matter of fact, I will post of picture of me in them when they are starting to get big. Stay tuned for that one!

So thats what on my heart today. Things are patched up with my friend and all is well in life. I love our group of BFC Bloggers and I want to thank all of my wonderful new friends that I have met here & in the other blogs. You are all just fantastic and I really do think we should look into doing a once a week or bi weekly conference call so that we can chat & have an open forum to stay motivated & share ideas. Kind of like our own little support group. I look forward to checking in to see how everyone else is doing!! Have a wonderful Friday!!
Love & Blessings & 100% belief that we can do this!!!!


  1. Sherri you are doing an amazing job!! I took am about the same stats as you weight wise. I am 5'6" and currently weigh 216 wearing a size 18 and sometimes a 16 if I am lucky. I am trying to get to a long term goal of 140. About 10 years ago when I was 18, I was only 125, but I was also swimming year around so that helped I am sure. I developed a thyroid problem (underactive) and it makes the weight loss hard, but no matter what problems come our way, we just gotta think we can't give up. :)

  2. What a great post to read! I'm so glad that everything is going in the right direction for you. Can't wait to see you in those Levi's. As for the pretty undies, what woman doesn't want to wear pretty undies? I think that's a great goal.

  3. Isn't it great to see results!! And eating such good food. I too LOVE ranch dressing and can now eat salad, before this way, i hated salad, now i load one up with cheese, meat, eggs, vegies and RANCH!! I'm so proud of you for sticking to this, i felt exactly the same way you do when i first started. It's just a different kind of weight loss, you can really feel it! It's been 9 months for me and 42 lbs. gone!! I weighed 208. I was also bigger than when i was pregnant, it was so depressing, my girls age 20 & 14!! For the first time in my life, food is not controlling it! As far as the scale, yes, it is a number, and i think it's the inches that count anyway! Happy Eating!!!!!!!

  4. Lisa-Way to go girl! You will be in those onderlands by the time Christmas rolls around. I started out at 217.2 and finally made it there. We sound a lot like I felt the same way about weight watchers too and we both want some sexy I am sorry but your blog just made me laugh. You wrote what I have been thinking. You are awesome girl. Keep it up! You are more than welcome to come join me at spark people. I am trying to motivate a few over there on the program and would love our imput. Let me know.

  5. Liked your post Sherri, and isn't it nice we can unfold our old pair of pants and have them fit us again at last. Don't know how many pair of jeans I have tucked away in bags that I still need to get out, and get them ready to wear again! I think more women like us should give themselves the gift of feeling good about our bodies! My gift is for my birthday in March. I might have to step it up a little with more excercise, and that will be the icing on the cake! Yahoo, that's for a great 2.5 loss!

  6. HI sherri, I am so happy for you that you are starting to see and feel the difference in your body. I remember when I hit onderlands, I cried. I am not sure about the panties, I don't feel that comfortable yet. I will get there, but I do wear the ones that go below my waist instead of above my belly button. LOL! I am so excited for you - wait until you see even more differences as I have. Have a great day! :-)